“The Temple without Boundaries is an energetic container, a safe and sacred space for all forms of spirituality, with the heartbeat of Divine Love connecting us in community.  Welcome Home…”                                    –Reverend Octavia Brooks

TempleWithoutBoundaries, doors open

February 21st Tele-Ceremony in the Temple: Manifest and Magnetize: Masculine and Feminine in Playful Balance

February 21 10:00-11:30AM PST/1:00-2:30PM EST Register here

When your inner masculine and feminine energies are at war, areas of your life will stop and start, your progress lurches forward, you may confuse or turn people off.  When masculine energy dominates, we may run ourselves ragged working too hard to make things happen. When feminine energy dominates we may wait too long for the right thing. When these energies engage in balanced interplay, you are co-creating with the Universe, achieving your desires easily. Join this Shamanic journey to attune, harmonize and inspire your masculine/feminine sides so you can use the right proportions for every life situation. Join this event here


Welcome to the Temple – Find Healing or Start Your Spiritual Journey

“The Temple Without Boundaries welcomes people of all beliefs.  In the Temple, you can find natural healing solutions for problems such as Stress or Depression based on ancient spiritual and meditation practices.  You can also customize your spiritual path based on your natural approach to life.  For spiritual seekers we recommend a Starter Kit to gain foundational skills and create improvements in your life right away.”    –Reverend Octavia Brooks, Temple Keeper

What kind of Temple is this?

This Temple is an energetic container that is SO BIG we can’t perceive its boundaries.  However, when you surf this website, take a class, or get a Shamanic Healing Session, you “step into” the Temple’s energy field, just like walking into a sacred building.  The Temple is a protector and catalyst for your healing and expansion.  You can learn to step into the Temple’s sacred space for your own meditation, prayer or ceremony.

I’m here to find Healing, what resources do you you have?

There are many non-denominational healing resources in the Temple.  There are meditation audio remedies for specific symptoms.  Reverend Octavia offers Shamanic energy healing sessions.  Energy healing is a deep, natural way to shift yourself out of blocks and repeated patterns.   On this site you can also watch channeled healing videos from Ascended Masters such as Mother Mary.





4 Responses to Home

  1. Chrissy November 29, 2012 at 5:53 PM #

    Thank you so much for the gratitude meditation.
    I do something similar and was so happy to see that you included the quick “Whoop-whoop” thank you.
    Thank yous not only help us, they also help the universe.
    Hopefully your wonderful video will inspire many healing thank yous.
    And what a perfect time of year to do this.

  2. jane barr November 29, 2012 at 5:53 PM #

    I love the idea of putting my gratitudes into categories and then finding symbols for each of them! My meditation quickly led me to my three
    favorite categories: ABUNDANCE, TEACHERS/GUIDES, AND MANIFESTATIONS. I’m thinking about what I’ll use as symbols. Your voice and your presence in the video are calming and inviting, and it was a loving and intimate experience to sit in meditation with you. Thank you, Octavia.

  3. sprout December 4, 2012 at 1:40 AM #

    thankyou for sharing your gratitude practice. i’ve been saying a prayer of gratitude (almost) every day and it has changed my life. (for the better.) heres another life changer “may the lord god bless us indeed and expand our territories!”-prayer of jabez. may your cosmic etheral temple expand and be blessed. <3

  4. Delia Horwitz November 24, 2013 at 8:02 PM #

    Octavia, dear Sister,

    I just finished experiencing the July 4 transmission, and yesterday listened to the previous two. WOW!!!!!

    I feel so much healing, guidance and blesssings coming through you via these webcasts. I have a sense of the courage it has taken for you to surrender to this unknown future, and so it is a model for me as I surrender even more to the me that wants to emerge.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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