Temple Values

  • The Temple Without Boundaries is non-denominational.  As shown by the logo, we support the belief that all spiritual paths lead to Divine Love, which is the underlying principle of the universe.


  • The core values of the Temple without Boundaries are Truth, Justice, Harmony, Abundance, and above all, LOVE.


  • Each person may act on their spiritual interests differently, therefore this Temple supports the building of personalized spiritual paths. 


  • Adhering to the path of one of the world’s religions is a wonderful way of developing a relationship with the Divine.  Just as wonderful is to creatively weave a tapestry of spiritual experiences into your spiritual path in order to connect with the Divine.


  • People have preferences in the way they like to worship or have spiritual experiences.  By orienting your spiritual path to your preferences, you are more likely to experience the Divine.


  • When people feel Divine Love flow through their lives, they become harmonious and compassionate and the world is a better place to live.
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