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Therapeutic Benefits of Shamanic Journeys

Shamanic Journeys have an ancient history of being used for many purposes in tribal and indigenous cultures.  Shamanism is part of an indigenous/tribal world-view that is highly integrated across all parts of life.  Tribal peoples believe there are spiritual reasons behind any form of imbalance, whether that is addiction, illness or bad luck.  When they […]

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Punk Rock Secrets – The “Edge”

(OK, this is a coming-out story y’all, first in an on-and-off series.) Punk Rock ain’t dead. It wasn’t a short-lived musical/fashion fad.  It’s a way of being, an outlook, an attitude towards your fellow human. It’s also a path to awareness and healing, it taught me how to fight and win over many of my […]

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The Power of the Snowflake!

It doesn’t occur to you to think much about what’s underneath a fresh blanket of snow. When you first see the world covered by sparkly clean snowflakes, it lightens your heart with feelings of play and joy. Fresh snow pushes the re-set button the world, returning it to a state of peaceful potential, a stillness […]

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TempleWithoutBoundaries, doors open

Open the Temple Doors and Step IN

Over many years, people attended various ceremonies at my house in Portland, Oregon, and we thought of the house as our Temple.  As we got each ceremony started, we created sacred space by calling upon the divine energies of each direction, including Above, Below and Center.   In Center, we called upon the Temple spirit who […]

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Faith and Health Improvement

I stressed myself out trying to find housing, then after the move I collapsed from adrenal exhaustion.   Over the course of my housing search and move, I learned how much faith and health are connected. For several weeks, I was really wound up since my search wasn’t getting any results, I had no idea the […]

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Lotus of purification

Meditation Relieves Anxiety

Anxiety occurs when the mind churns with thoughts. People suffering from anxiety feel helpless. Their sense of helplessness compounds the problem, causing more anxiety. While traditions of meditation may vary, all meditation relieves anxiety because it creates a sense of calm and peace. This is achieved by training the mind to slow down and become […]

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Begin Your Spiritual Path

Making the decision to begin your spiritual path may be easier said than done for you.  First, you may have the question, what is a spiritual path?   Almost every spiritual leader will have a different answer, but many people agree that religions, traditions, lineages, are not necessarily spiritual.  They are sets of respected tools, techniques, […]

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High Vibrational Body

Doesn’t it seem like our yogi and super-food friends just kind of glow with their High Vibrational Body?  But how often do you have a reason to switch to such a strict lifestyle?  I received two major reasons – first, my guides had stopped giving me energetic “upgrades” to help me fulfill my purpose, and […]

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