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Why not Yes

Hell No! Why to Choose YES when you Don’t Wanna

No. Just No. It’s not right, I’m not going to do it, you can’t make me! The hairs go up on the back of your neck and every fiber of your being says Stop, Basta, stomp the brakes! So you tell the person in front of you No, Hell No. But who are you really […]

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Faith and Health Improvement

I stressed myself out trying to find housing, then after the move I collapsed from adrenal exhaustion.   Over the course of my housing search and move, I learned how much faith and health are connected. For several weeks, I was really wound up since my search wasn’t getting any results, I had no idea the […]

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Calling all Agents of Calm for our Speeded Up Times

Why are Agents of Change needed now? I’d like to share some wise words from my friend Eden Sky, publisher of the Mayan 13 Moons Natural calendar.   We need more “agents of calm,” those of us who can stay calm even with a high degree of change, chaos, transformation, stimulation, etc etc.  There are so […]

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Winter Solstice 2012 begins a New Era – Schedule of World meditations and ceremonies

Winter Solstice 2012 has been a long-awaited day, with predictions that it will mean the end of the world, or full-on human ascension.  From a Mayan calendar perspective, we are ending a major era that lasted over 5000 years, and on Winter Solstice 2012 begins a New Era.  Whatever it will mean for our society, […]

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Opportunities for Acceleration

This article is dedicated to Tips and Tricks for Speedier Times and how to maximize your opportunities for acceleration.  We are living in a time of great opportunity, where many tools and guides are here to help us move through karma and limitations faster than ever. Expect the normal work to get your rewards — […]

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Spiritual Tips for Time Speeding Up

Many of us are experiencing time as speeding up, so I created this column to share tips for keeping pace.  To open this column, I’d like to share a short article by Gregg Prescott, MS, linking our sense of time speeding up to the fact that our planet’s vibration is increasing. See the article here: […]

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