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Get a Boost Up and Out of Depressiondepression

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The heaviness of depression weighs a thousand tons. You can hardly accomplish anything because it’s so exhausting.  If you find the resources to feel better for awhile, sometimes you slip back and find yourself on a treadmill that’s more like a roller-coaster.  How about some light to go with all that darkness?  This guided meditation focuses on charging up your whole nervous system up with an infinite energy source — the Universe.  Universal energy is bright, uplifting, and inspiring. Bring this energy into your system on a regular basis and smooth out that roller-coaster.

Download my guided meditation audio and you’ll learn:

  • How Universal Life force energy balances out the “heavies”
  • Work with your Consciousness cord to connect to the Universe
  • Clear out your channel to wisdom, intuition, and inspiration

Anxiety and Depression go hand in hand...Anxiety relief is here.

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