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man woman naked kissingHow do I get my inner masculine and feminine to play instead of pissing each other off? I know I’m gonna get more outta life when they are a hot love mess!

All kinds of things from childhood to relationships to culture can mess up our masculine/feminine sides and make them get bitchy. They may give up and shut down, preventing you from accessing the benefits of that energy in your life. So healing them individually like we did in the last installment is majorly important.

Now we want them to get to know each other and create their ideal proportion, so you can become the master of adjusting these energies situationally to get the best results. Here’s how:

Imagine you are sitting at the head of a table; you’ll play the role of facilitator. Invite your inner masculine and feminine to sit across from each other. Start by noticing without judgment.

Are they people, and if so what kind of people? How do they show up?   Is one dressed all snazzy and the other one disheveled?   Is there a difference in relative size, body language, willingness?

Start by asking the “weaker” one what he/she is feeling towards the other in this moment. Is there anything he/she wants from the other? Then ask the other whether they can give that to the weaker one.

This is just like negotiating between children to get them to make up after a fight. Find out the needs and interests of each side and facilitate the negotiation of getting those needs met.

Hopefully these two parts of you become willing to be in each other’s presence and dialog. You may need a few rounds to get them smiling and holding hands. Eventually, they genuinely fall in love with each other, demonstrating respect and a desire to make each other happy. This is what I mean by Playful Balance of the Masculine and Feminine.

Walk through this process with me in my next tele-ceremony:  Manifest and Magnetize: Masculine and Feminine in Playful Balance

These two sides of you heal each other and balance is a natural result. Your proportions might not be a “societal norm.” Find your own balance free of external influences to gain your happiness.  The point of getting to know each of these energies and the dynamic between them, is so you can dialog with them anytime you need to adjust their levels to get the best outcome for a given situation – I call this situational juggling.

In the first installment I gave the example of how men and woman can amp up their opposite energy in flirtation, to get that hot date. Here are a few more scenarios to help you develop your mastery:

  • You stayed up too late and aren’t feeling productive in the morning.  Crank up your masculine side get your action into motion!  (Turn it off when your workday is done.)
  • Good lord, you’ve got to sort out your feelings about that woman so you can figure out what to do.  Crank up your feminine side to get the lowdown, then back it off when it’s time to make a decision. 
  • You’re walking in a sketchy neighborhood.  Adopt the “dude strut” so everyone knows you know where you’re going and not to mess with you.
  • When the F*** are you going to find out about that job?  Are they just stringing you along?  Good time for a little more feminine receptivity and patience, which is inherently magnetic too!  Call that job right on home.
  • You’re feeling sick and fussy but you’ve got a long day ahead.  Your inner masculine can help you “man up” until you can crash out.  He’ll also help you cut to the chase in your conversations and maybe save you some time (be careful he’s not interpreted as a bitch though).

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