Oh No, got a Battle of the Sexes Ovah Here!

man woman karate fightMy inner masculine keeps beating up my inner feminine.  My inner feminine has no respect for my inner masculine.

How do you know? 

Our motivations and emotions demonstrate your inner states, giving us our biggest challenges in life.  If you’ve got the battle above going on, your over-bearing inner masculine is saying you’re not worthy…of getting the rest you need, of receiving, of love.   If your bitchy inner feminine never lets your masculine take part in your life, you may play mind games with yourself about what actions to take in your life, never actually getting much accomplished or taking the bigs steps needed.

Off-balance energies can magnetize outer reflections too; following these scenarios you might attract men and/or women who are antagonistic or too passive (or my favorite trickster – the passive-aggressive!).

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It’s so easy for our inner masculine/feminine energies to get hurt and off-balance.  Life is long and full of experiences.  Losing or covering up our own true selves can start in early childhood.  We also twist up our inner masculine/feminine to fit our relationships and culture, and lose who we really are.

My Dad was charming but quite disengaged and self-centered.  From this experience my inner feminine was underdeveloped because I wasn’t appreciated and cherished by my father.  My masculine didn’t have a good role model either, and he became dominant and over-protective.  Creating my own playful balance has involved teasing out my vulnerable feminine side with a calmer, protective and devoted masculine side.

Is your inner masculine or feminine too strong or too weak?   Get to know each one through inner conversation, like a friend, and begin the healing process.   Here’s how:

Get in a quiet space and ask either your feminine or masculine side to make itself known, to appear to you.  Ask what it has to say to you right now, and what does it need to feel healthy and balanced?  Listen and respond, maybe for the first time in your life, to what these deeper parts of you have to say.  Other tools for hearing their messages are free-writing or drawing, but witnessing with unconditional love is how you’ll accomplish most of your healing. 

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First get to know each one independently, then teach them how to play with each other.  That’s my next installment!  –> Read it here.

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