Inner Masculine and Feminine Gettin’ it On!

yin-yang w masc femWhat do you mean my feminine side needs to get laid by my masculine side? This 3-part series about our inner masculine/feminine energies tells you why these two sides need to get in bed with each other.

I’m a woman, I don’t have any male energy in me! I’m a man, I ain’t no girl! Ya know that yin-yang symbol called the Tao? It has a little bit of the polar opposite, so get used to the idea that not only do you have some of the other in you, there’s a damn good reason for it too.

As a woman, your masculine energy benefits you when: you need to protect yourself, you need to take action and get something done, you need to make a quick decision, you need to cut through the emotion and get on with it.

As a man, your feminine energies show you an important side of life. With them we converse, commune and connect, we experience the sensuality of emotion and body, we learn to receive and forgive.

These archetypes are core guiding energies for both men and women. Once you develop your ability to tune in to both sides, you can live from the juiciness of both. You can juggle the balance of each energy for a given situation to get the best outcome.

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Here’s an example: Flirtation

As a woman, you could use a little push of masculine energy to get yourself on that cute guy’s radar – it takes courage, right? Courage to write him a sexy little note, courage to get his attention and hold his eyes, to show a little leg or cleavage. Just a little spurt of masculine so you can get what you want — a date.

As a man, you’d use your courage to approach a woman you like, then drop in with a little feminine to connect with her without overwhelming her with your testosterone. Your inner feminine can help you find some words for that breathtaking beauty. Women perceive this as “suave,” a man who understands women.

When we skillfully use our inner masculine and feminine energies at the right moments, it’s easier to get what we want and need. This is what I mean by “playful balance” of these energies. That’s the topic of my next tele-ceremony on February 21, 10amPST/1pmEST.

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Next time I’ll show you how to tune into these energies and see if they playing or fighting.  –>Read next Installment of this series.

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