Meditation Can Be Used for Healing

Have any of the symptoms below?   Guided meditation with Rev Octavia’s soothing voice can be a powerful tool to relieve common mental, physical and emotional challenges.  Find your symptoms below and read about guided meditation products in the Temple that can help you.

Scattered, Can’t Focus

In this meditation, you learn to connect your body to the Earth to calm down and create focus. You sense of calm will last longer and longer.

Depression or Exhaustion

Recharge and lift up your nervous system with the  Universal Life force Energy guided meditation.

Anxiety and Stress

Guided meditation can be used for healing anxiety – read this blog post to find out how.

Calm and soothe your mind with the Easy Mantra for Mental Peace. 

Stressed? Comfort yourself with Rev Octavia’s sweet voice and a little meditation time. Make your body feel better with Grounding.

Over-Reacting, Acting without Thinking, Nervousness

If you admire people who are calm under pressure, this meditation can teach you how – Center Yourself for Personal Resilience.

Turn around your Bad luck

Try this Gratitude meditation – you get more of what you’re thankful for.

Try this way of asking the Divine for what you want – you get better results if you’re specific.



worthlessness, hopelessness, pessimism, apathy, and gloom


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