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pathwaybackground_4WEBMaking the decision to begin your spiritual path may be easier said than done for you.  First, you may have the question, what is a spiritual path?   Almost every spiritual leader will have a different answer, but many people agree that religions, traditions, lineages, are not necessarily spiritual.  They are sets of respected tools, techniques, teachings that over time can reveal how to connect with Divine Spirit in certain ways.  Some of these traditions have rules, and some of the rules make people feel more separate from Spirit rather than closer.

Why would you begin your spiritual path (or renew your path, or start over on a different path)?  There are many practical benefits to spirituality you might be unaware of.  For example, it’s common now to see meditation classes offered by healthcare providers to help reduce stress. Spirituality can give us real-world tools so we can handle life’s challenges with more grace and peace.  Spirituality can rejuvenate us, calm us, and provide courage and strength.  Spiritual values such as trust, love, truth and forgiveness are surprisingly powerful considering how gentle they are. I’ve heard many stories about families coming back together after a long separation,  when one person spoke their truth and forgave past hurts.

The spiritual path as defined by the Temple Without Boundaries is one that you create yourself from your own personal experiences with Spirit (aka Source, Jah, Creator, the Universe, the Central Heart, etc etc).  Many guided meditations are offered here that will help you have very special and positive spiritual experiences.  We suggest that spiritual practices aligned with your Pathway (your natural approach to life) will be easiest for you to enjoy, and we have Starter Kits to make it easy.  Your spiritual path does not have to be linear — just try things out, and stick with what you like best.  You can decide how those experiences fit into your lifestyle, and create the right level of spiritual balance for your life.

It can take courage to begin your spiritual path, you may have fears about spiritual exploration.  You may have learned there is only one way to be spiritual and if you got it wrong you’d be punished.  Spirituality can be very personal and bring up a lot of feelings and sensations, and maybe that’s new territory for you.  Or maybe you’re unsure where to start, overwhelmed by the many choices.  It can be a act of courage to put aside those fears and try something new, unfamiliar, with unknown effects.  But I encourage you — just try one thing and see what happens!  In all likelihood, it will help you replace fears with healthy positive experiences, and you can take your next step, and the next step after that, creating your spiritual path.

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