Faith and Health Improvement

bodyI stressed myself out trying to find housing, then after the move I collapsed from adrenal exhaustion.   Over the course of my housing search and move, I learned how much faith and health are connected. For several weeks, I was really wound up since my search wasn’t getting any results, I had no idea the housing was so tight in Austin.  I really let myself get into my fears, not something I usually indulge in, but I felt a little out of control.

Reminded to Trust

About two weeks before I had to move, I received a very clear message from my guides – “Don’t worry, your new place has been created for you.”  I began doing my best to listen and act accordingly, so I changed how I was looking.  I went through the same motions, but without the fear and stress.  I wanted to do my part to find what the universe had created for me, but I “kept the faith” that it would work out.  Gradually I began calming down.  I even made a vote of confidence in the universe by choosing to spend time with a guru who was in town from India (Sri Karunamayi) and I didn’t look very much that weekend.  But I gave my housing problem over to Sri Karunamayi.

Proof the Universe Takes Care of Me

At the end of that weekend, I finally had an appointment to look at a room for rent by a friend of a friend.  I was about to be late because my watch was an hour slow, but someone happened to mention the real time so I got there right on time.  When I arrived, it felt like home, there were even sacred writings on the floor of my new room.  My guides were over my shoulder, letting me know this was my new place.  To my new landlord, friend and housemate, I felt like the right person too.  The Universe took care of me not just once, but twice.

Maintain my Faith, Maintain my Health

Whew! I had a week to be out of my old place.  I kept my faith through the tough move and felt like I was floating on the loving help of friends.  Right after the move, my adrenal exhaustion caught up with me from early in the month when I had let my fear and stress get the upper hand.  I needed tons of extra rest just to function again.

I learned a big lesson about how faith and health are connected.  I could have had faith in the first place and prevented my health issues.  I can’t toy with my adrenals again and be sick for weeks, I have a life to live.  I’m making different choices about stress and fear from now on — replacing stress and fear with faith in how much the Universe takes care of me.  I have proof.

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