The Power of the Snowflake!

It doesn’t occur to you to think much about what’s underneath a fresh blanket of snow. When you first see the world covered by sparkly clean snowflakes, it lightens your heart with feelings of play and joy. Fresh snow pushes the re-set button the world, returning it to a state of peaceful potential, a stillness before the next thing arrives. Because of all these associations, snow will be one of the energies we will invoke on Solstice next Saturday to bring us back into a state of wholeness and purity as we go into the New Year.

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In the Temple without Boundaries, we will set sacred space and

  • Honor, release, heal, and reclaim energy from 2014
  • Become open and fertile to receive hope and joy
  • Plant your seeds of intent for the new year
  • Stand in the New Light of 2015 and radiate it through yourself, your family, your community and into the world
  • Use laughter yoga to create and release a double Cone of Power to manifest our intentions
  • Share with the group your hopes and dreams

What to have ready when you join us from home: an unlighted candle, a glass of water, your retrospective of 2014 and your intentions for 2015.

Not too sure what Solstice is about or why it’s important?  Watch an interview with me about Solstice.

I’m looking forward to spiraling in to the center and stepping into the new year with you!

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