Mother Mary’s Messages Mother Mary’s messages as they are received by Rev Octavia

July 20, 2013

I am with you all today, my darlings, with messages of comfort and peace, tidings of peace and comfort.  Everyone here has things they want, and you all deserve. 

Be with me now here in this temple.  Be in your full-fledged glory, for human beings have an auspicious task.  You are here converting yourselves to light, step by step, day by day, piece by piece. 

Many people are doing this work without knowing what they are doing.  They are going through many, many experiences, and those who do know are going through even more experiences.  Those who do know, the awakened ones, the light-bearers, are carrying the torch.

Some of you feel a great pressure.  You’re at the front of a wake, like a boat.  As more and more people join the boat, your workload will gradually become lighter, but in these times, perhaps for even as long as five or 10 more years, you’ll be — this generation is having a heavier load than some of the generations that will come behind.

For those of you not aware of being light-bearers, I most graciously express my gratitude for your work as well.  Being with me here opens you further to receiving more light.  And gradually, your job is to hold space for more and more people in your life.  Those of you who feel stronger can help those who are weak. 

Let me carry you through on this wake.  I am the river that you sail upon, the liquid sea, the clear, fresh lake.  I support the boat of humanity.  I cherish you, my children. 

Use my divine love to enable you to have faith, to have trust, to find resources inside yourself you were previously unaware of, resources that can help with this catalyzation of change.  Receive, receive, receive my divine graces on this day and on every day.

I hold you in my arms.  I spread my mantle over you, my children.  Your souls are in my tender care, and I love you so dearly.  Lean back into me like a cloud, like a giant pillow.  Know that I’m there behind you.  Remember in your tough times to feel me behind you holding you in my arms.

And I’m always there with you in your heart.  I bring my graces into your heart.  When you experience difficult times, look to your heart for consolation, for guidance, to help you make decisions.  Learn and know and understand the messages of your heart.

Yes, it’s true your minds are very powerful and also sometimes distracting from your true wisdom.  When you listen to your heart, there’s an entirely new language for some of you that is gentle, but also very clear.

You can train yourself to understand the messages of your heart by thinking about situations in a black-and-white way, thinking about a situation where you had to tell a lie or do something that you know goes against your integrity.  And think of that situation and then look inside your heart.  What does your heart say about you having to do that?  And your heart will clench up and retract. 

Then think of someone that you really care about, that you really love.  Think about a positive situation, a happy and good memory, and feel your heart swell with joy and expansion. 

Study your heart, my children.  Remember that your heart is the conduit from your higher self, from your connection with the divine.  Open your heart every day a little bit more. 

You can ask yourself the question, “What Would Mother Mary Do?” in this situation.  I am laughing because I like the movement of “What Would Jesus Do?”  It’s a good question.  It’s a good question to ask.  If you have doubts about what direction to take, if you have doubts about what isn’t integrity with the divine, then ask yourself, “What would a divine being do in this situation?” 

Think like a divine being, my children.  It is your birthright.  You’re children of the divine, and as children of the divine, you are divine, too.  Therefore, you can love yourself.  Love yourself like you love the divine.

Open that portal of divine love in your heart.  Reclaim your heart from any traumas or tragedies.  Bring your heart fully online, fully present.  You’ll create a glow around yourself that will magnetize people to you, all different kind of people, but probably people who need help.          

Open your heart to those people who need help.  You may not have to say anything, or do anything, but allow them to be in your presence as you’re in my presence today.  They will be comforted by you; whatever they’re going through will get a little bit easier. 

Be my conduit.  Be my channel into the world.  Ask yourself, “What would Mother Mary do?”  Call upon me.  Call upon me to come through you.  I’m bringing you a blessing now for your hearts, implanting very soft, soothing vibrations into your heart, for yourself, for your family, for those in your life, to receive through you, comforting and soothing your heart, bringing my divine graces in a very soft and gentle and soothing way, bringing you warmth, tenderness, compassion.

So much more of this is needed in the world.  This is why I ask you to open your hearts to me and to let divine love flow through you into the world.  As many minutes of the day as you can, as many minutes of the day as you can, align with my vibration.  Align with the vibration of divine mother who cares for everyone, takes care of everyone and all humanity.

I love you, my children.  Let’s create peace on this world together, spreading through you and through the Internet today the blessing that circles the world.  Wherever this Internet goes, wherever there is electricity, my blessing is brought through on this network.  It travels through the airwaves, through the electrical circuitry, out of computer monitors, through the electronics and the technology inside the computer. 

I bet you didn’t know I could travel this way, but I am everywhere, surrounding the planet now in this beautiful cloud of divine grace, offering comfort to everyone who is suffering, offering consolation.  Unfortunately, suffering is part of the human condition right now, and it is very hard for me to witness.  If I could take it all away, I would, but it is part of your growing pains. 

As a mother, I must watch my children grow in accordance with their own free will and the free will of their souls.  And knowing that on average and overall, everything is progressing in a very positive direction.  Everyone is growing and expanding from these experiences. 

Suffering is hard on the nervous system, so I bring my divine graces through these electronic circuits and through the electronic circuits in your own body to bring peace to your nervous system, peace to your soul, and wisdom to get through on your own wits as best as possible, to get through day by day.

Growth and suffering, suffering has some choice in it, just like growth.  The degree to which you suffer has some choice.  If you are in physical suffering, it’s very hard to choose, and some people still manage to be role models for others who are suffering on the physical level, having a broader perspective of their physical suffering, hoping and praying that there is some higher good, having faith that there is some higher good and higher purpose in the suffering.

As much as possible, I ask you to align with that hope, with the role models that these people who are suffering greatly have offered.  Open yourselves to me in your suffering, and I will help you see a broader perspective.  Comfort yourself inside my mantle.  Call upon me.  Wrap my mantle around you like a blanket so that it can lift those tragedies out from the deepest parts of you so that in the deepest parts of you, can be a place of grace, of hope, of trust, and above all, of love.

Suffering is suffering, but you are always, always, always loved.  No matter what you’re going through, love is always there for you, and that love is transformative.  The New Age people talk about how important and how powerful love is, but unless you’ve really experienced it, I can understand why you would have doubt about that.  And that’s why I’m here to teach you lessons about your heart and about love.                         

Deep, deep down at the very core of your being, the very core of your being is connected to the divine, and the divine is love, my love, God’s love, Jesus’ love, and all the world’s gurus who love.  And we are connected in union in this love.  That love is really what’s underneath everything else in your whole entire being.  Any suffering, any pain, any roller-coaster ride, the fundamental, consistent part is love. 

I call upon you now to follow me down into your deepest, deepest parts of your soul and know this love.  Connect yourself with that center of union that unifies all beings throughout all universes, throughout all galaxies.  Know that deep part of yourself.  It is the consistency.  It is the boat on the rocky waters.  It is your life raft.  It is me.  It is me.  It is my hand offering for you to grab it, that firm anchor right there inside you.  Infinite love, right there inside you, for you through any times of difficulty, and whenever you’re able to let that light shine out of yourself, out of your heart, you’re catalyzing peace in the world, creating comfort, creating strength, in others.

There is so much pressure in the world today, internal pressures, physical pressures, emotional pressures, and the world looking the same and requiring all the same things:  money, roof, job.  All of those things that may not be needed in the future, but they cause struggle right now. 

Have faith.  Have hope.  Have the knowing of your own divine self.  Have the knowing of the love that’s inside you.  Nurture that love.  Commune with that love.  Commune with that love.  In any of your prayers to any your divine beings and gurus that you worship with, always commune with that love.  We are all one.  We are all one, and I ask this Internet to echo my words around the whole planet, creating a vibration of vitality, a vibration of a unified humanity, understanding the umbrella of love that we all live with and live under in security.

May my divine graces be forever with you, helping you, enabling you to bring forth acts of love from yourself, surprising the world with your generosity, and you secretly know where it comes from.  It comes from deep within.  It comes from that clear and open channel between your divine self and your human self. 

A clear and open channel between your divine self and your human self made manifest today, here and now, my children, this is my gift for you today, a clear and open channel between your divine self and your human self, bringing the divine out into the world through every small act, every small gesture, through your posture, through your words, through choices made from your heart, rippling through out your whole entire being and creating a beautiful vibration in your energy field, which extends so far out beyond you that one person in a neighborhood activated in this way can lift the spirits of everyone in the neighborhood without being aware of it.  As many minutes of the day, my children, as you possibly can, stay in this connection.  Lift yourself up.  Have hope, and encourage hope.  Let me be with you.  Let me be your guide, many, many gifts of love for you.

You are my precious ones, my precious, precious ones, and I thank God for sending you to me.  I thank God for having you in my field, and I thank God for those of you who are awakened to the fact that you are in my field, that I am taking care of you. 

Enjoy your beingness.  I see each of you so clearly, cherish you so deeply.  I will nourish and feed you every minute of every day throughout the end of your days in this human lifetime.  Let us be partners in this world of peace.  Let us create this world of peace together. 

Find a symbol that you can carry with you if possible.  It may be something you can put in your pocket, or a necklace, or a bracelet, something that can be on your person to help you remember these words that I am bringing you today.  It’s in our daily actions that we bring blessings or harm to others, and the world is very vibrationally sensitive right now.  Things are fragile.  I think people are experiencing their friends around them going through a lot, and some people are experiencing greater abundance than they ever have, and coping with that.  Even though it sounds easy, if you’ve never had it before, it’s a big deal.  And some of you are watching your friends go through tragedies. 

The way through is to remember me.  The way through is to remember your divine nature.  The way through is to be gentle with people.  Create no harm, thereby ending any additional karma coming upon you.  Keep yourself pure.  Do not blemish yourself with your actions, with your words.  Keep your thoughts pure, too, if you can.  And this is why I ask you to get a symbol; have a symbol in your life that reminds you, reminds you to stay in the purity of integrity with your divine self so that you can bring that divinity into the world and maintain this pure and open channel.

But should you stray, should you have a phase where you’re, unfortunately, falling, things get too much, come back to this video and watch again and re-attune and realign.  Carry your symbol, say my prayer, watch this video, and remember.  Remember who you truly are. 

Remember who you truly are.  You’re a child of love, a being of love.  Every part of you is made out of love, made from love.  You’re made in God’s image.  God created us.  Remember.  Soften yourself.  Compassion is glorious.  It has a very high vibration.  It’s interesting that something can have such a high vibration that is perceived as so subtle, but it’s very powerful.  Compassion nurtures.  It nurtures the deepest parts of people’s souls, and when their souls are nurtured, then they can also bring out divine love and nurture others.  They can connect with their deepest well of resources inside themselves to get through so much more than they ever conceived was possible, to avail themselves of resources beyond what they ever thought was possible. 

Compassion.  Compassion encourages, and it makes people feel seen.  People are known through your compassion.  People are witnessed.  Their trials are witnessed.  Being witnessed is very powerful. 

I realize that so much of what I talk about is from a feminine perspective.  Mothers have a disciplinarian side to them as well, and so this is where the difference between compassion and co-dependency exists.  People are destined to live their own paths.  As much as it might pain us to watch difficult choices being made by others, they need to have their experience. 

People learn in the ways that they learn, so compassion is where you can draw the line.  Witnessing is where you can draw the line.  You don’t need to go into their field.  You don’t need to help them out with their lives.  It is their experience.  Compassion, being seen, being witnessed, this is really as much as you need to do. There’s always more you can do but that’s the minimum.  You can pray, call for me to help these people and I will come and hold them.  But as far as using your energy, just have compassion.  Thank you my children.

My children, thank you for being with me today.  I love you.  I honor your path.  I am with you always.

That is all I have to say today.

July 4, 2013

My divine children, I honor you and request that you surrender to me today.  Today I will show you the way to your own freedom.  While many celebrate and party today, I celebrate the stars in your heart, the fireworks in your heart.

With my healing vibration, I catalyze the fireworks in your heart, and you may have many different types of experiences from this type of catalyzing.  You may spontaneously be willing to forgive.  You may spontaneously extend yourself, open yourself to another person in a way that is not typical of you.

These are little freedoms, and as you collect little freedoms, you become more and more free, because this is – freedom is when your soul bleeds through into your life.  Your soul is connected to divine love.  Your soul is aware of divine love and your soul is covered up sometimes, often and frequently by the complexities of the third-dimensional reality.  But in particular, your soul can be covered up by your mental chatter, your mental discussions.

And my lesson is to teach you how to think with your heart.  Many previous cultures, and some cultures on the planet today, understand the thinking from the heart.  To many, it may sound like a foreign concept.  We think with our minds; we feel with our hearts.  And I would like to tell you that your heart is much more intelligent than your mind will ever be.

Your mind is just from this one lifetime.  Your mind is associated with your ego, with everything you think about yourself, with everything you believe that you know about yourself.  And so your mind has many ways of playing tricks and barricading your true knowledge.

So, looking into your heart now, find a dark spot.  Find a rock or a gem that has been covered up with tarnish, dust, rust.  So, a good place to look is to anyone in your life that needs your full and complete forgiveness.  That is a place where your heart became tarnished and heavy.

And part of you – maybe it was your mind – put that piece of your heart, that particular jewel in your heart, away in a corner.  You closed down a little bit in that place in your heart.  However, I’m asking you to reclaim all of the jewels of your heart, so that you can be present in your heart.

And part of you – maybe it was your mind – put that piece of your heart, that particular jewel in your heart, away in a corner.  You closed down a little bit in that place in your heart.  However, I’m asking you to reclaim all of the jewels of your heart, so that you can be present in your heart.                   

I want you to look into your heart and see the treasure chest that exists there.  Each one of these treasures is a dewdrop of encouragement that you can bring into the world.                                           

Start by looking for places where you need to forgive.  Look throughout your life at the people who have crossed your path and find those where you could have been more loving.  And this is okay; the choices you made at that time were fine and contributed to the healing of that person on a soul level, in other words, gave them an experience on a soul level that was a piece that they needed.

But in keeping with the cleansing of karma that is occurring in these times, everyone can do their part, and this is a very simple way.  Find the most difficult person to forgive, an abuser, someone who had a very large impact on your life.  And turn around your feelings with my help now.

Know that I’m here holding your hand in this physical process.  I’m holding your hand, and I am bringing divine love into your equation here and I’m going to ask you to do something very difficult.                                               

You come here as souls, and this planet is an incredible experience on a soul level, each lifetime building layers and layers of experience.  And when a person has a lifetime where there is abuse, it causes many ripple effects and ramifications in that lifetime.  In some ways, those ripple effects have positive benefits.

I’m thinking of an example where many people who have psychic skills learned those psychic skills because they had unpredictable parents, for example, alcoholic parents.  And the parent was violent, and the child had to learn how to interpret any little signal and to predict how and when to stay out of the way.

So that child experienced many difficulties and also received the gift of psychic ability.  And in generations earlier, humans had to go through more difficult experiences in childhood in order to earn these types of skills.  In more recent generations, the skills are available without these traumas.

So finding a person in your life that would be really difficult to forgive, and I ask you now to step into my divine heart and in this chamber contained here within the Temple Without Boundaries, forgiveness can be possible.  Something that seems impossible can now become possible.

So, feeling my love penetrating into your heart, into this difficult place, this shadow place in your heart, connecting my heart with your heart, stepping inside my heart, being contained with divine love surrounding you.  And in particular, imagine that there is a bond connection, an anchor, a very, very strong chord coming from me into the place in your heart where you harbor very difficult feelings towards this person who perpetrated awful experiences upon you.

So, allow my anchor to penetrate your difficult feelings, and I’m going to ask you to find something, one very small thing, in that situation, something that you learned that has benefitted you or has benefitted other people in your life through you, through your knowledge and awareness.  I’m allowing you some time to search yourself to find this one thing that you can be grateful for.

My child, my children, I am very sorry that you had such a difficult experience in this lifetime.  I have true and deep compassion for you, for all the parts of you that were impacted by that experience.  And this lifeline that I am connecting with you now cuts through all of those difficulties.  I am connecting with all of those places in you that had difficult.  No matter what age in your lifetime you experienced this difficulty, it is now connected with the lifeline of compassion and divine love that I am now offering you.

And this is possible because you were able to find one small thing, one small benefit, one small thing in that situation that you could be grateful for, whether you found strength, whether you learned about yourself, whether you developed greater sensitivities or abilities.  That one small thing is my doorway.

You are doing very, very well with this healing.  Allow all of those places in you to be connected to me now, all of the places that feel traumatized.  I bestow glory and graces into those dark places, flowing across the nervous system of your being for complete healing.

Through the doorway of your gratitude comes forgiveness, which is this vibration that I am sending you now.  Forgiveness heals all.  Forgiveness heals the deepest wounds, but I understand how hard forgiveness can be, and that’s why I’m teaching you here today.  Find one small thing that you can be grateful for and open the door to my love to come in and provide you the power to reclaim your own pieces that were lost in that equation.

And through this session, and through your willingness to receive my love, find a complete healing of those pieces of yourself and a complete reclamation of those lost pieces of soul so that you now can operate in the world from a whole and fulfilled place.  As you go from this session, over the next days and weeks you may be surprised that you think differently or feel differently about different situations, and that is the result of reclaiming these lost pieces, dusting off those jewels in your heart that belong to you, that were unable to come through before.

And you may find yourself settling in to your body more.  You may find a vibration of ease and grace flowing through your life much more naturally, and this is freedom, my children.  This is freedom from the angers that hold you back and hold you down.  This is the freedom of divine joy.  This is the freedom of full participation in life, full and complete selfness, a full manifestation of who you are, who you came here to be.

This one has a question.  After such a healing as this, there can be a little bit of disorientation because of habits that formed long ago around this pearl in your oyster.  And we have removed the pearl, put it back where it belongs, the pearl of grace through which divine love can flow through you and through your being, blessing you.

And this child is asking for an extension of a healing to include the new ways of being and here I go back to listening to your heart instead of your mind.

Your mind will doubt that this healing took place, and your heart will feel different.  So, there it is:  the difference between the way your heart thinks and the way your mind thinks.  Your mind may still find entrapment in habits of thinking and patterns related to the stuck places that we just healed and washed clean.

And you can stay in those stuck habits if you want.  It is a free will universe.  However, what is the benefit to you?  Your mind is a trap sometimes, and all that stands between your freedom, between you and experiencing greater freedom, is to release these mental constructs that no longer serve you.  So I offer you that healing as well.

Allow your mind to relax and be soothed by my words.  Consider my words carefully.  Your mind can be penetrated by love.  I am attuning your synapses to divine love, and in this way, in this session, the issue that we just worked through will find grace in your mind as well as your heart.

I welcome you to call upon me to ease your mind at any time.  Your mind is an open door to me right now and I bless your mind with the grace of light.  Remember what I have communicated about using my mantle.  Any time you want to use my mantle to surround yourself with comfort, in particular, your mind, since that is what we are talking about right now.  Say my prayer and imagine that my scarf, my mantle, covers your head, covers you from head to toe and brings a blanket of peace and calm to your mental thoughts.

And in truth, what is happening is a column of light is rising up from your heart and flooding your mind.  And this technique is available to you at any time, soothing your mind and opening it to new possibilities, new channels, and new ways of thinking.

For I wish you to live in your complete and utter freedom.  I wish you to receive my divine graces in your thought processes, in your mental patterns.

Thank you, beautiful children.  That is all I have to say today.

June 23, 2013

I give you my divine presence.  Hear this, grateful child of mine.  I ask you to open yourselves to me and find peace in your heart.  You all want and you all deserve, my children.  Receive my divine graces this day.

This Internet is fascinating to me.  It has a network shape, a web, like a fishing net.  It allows me to cast my blessings wider, many more channels are open to me because of this child and because of this Internet.                      

I am watching this child’s life grow and prosper in the same way I watch all of you grow and prosper.  I spread my mantle around you.

My mantle has this fractal consciousness that some of the young ones like to talk about.  It goes down to the subatomic particle level, to the molecular level, cellular level, and it encompasses every aspect of your body and every aspect of your energy field, all the way out to the moon, to the center heart of the divine will, all the way down to your feet and all the way down to the center of the Earth.  My mantle extends over all.

Each of you, individually and at the collective level, if there is any one aspect of you that needs healing, wrap yourself in my mantle, whatever aspect of you needs healing.  I give you my love to wash you, to clean you.  Some of you may experience tears.  Know that that is my divine force working in you, cleansing and washing and cleaning you.

These are the times of cleansing, and this is the topic for today because of St. John the Baptist.  Cleansing is a very useful concept and does not just mean soap on the skin.  Just like the fractal consciousness of my mantle, cleansing happens at many, many levels that each has a different effect.  As those of you who have gone through something like a master cleanse of your physical body know, cleansing happens at the physical level, and it’s very important.

Stay open today to the cleansing forces that are coming through this webcast.  For today, I wish to wash you.  I wish to wash your being.  I wish to wash the deep well of your heart, feeling my cleansing vibrations penetrate deep into your heart.  And this cleansing is lasting.  You are being cleansed of slights and wrongs from this lifetime and from many past lifetimes.

Just last night I cleansed this one’s heart so that she could go through this process with you today, with us today, to open her heart even wider and with purity.  I ask each of you to do the same.  Your heart is ringing like a bell right now.  Bells are, in many traditions, used for purification because of the tonal quality of the sound of the bells.

I am sending you that tone, that vibration, deep into your heart, finding the roots of shadow and darkness.  And along with the angels and other divine forces, together we penetrate and transform and transmute those particles in your heart that are limited.

These are the blessings that I bring you today.

Like a rock in a river – similar to a rock in a pond, but more like a rock in a river, because rivers flow fast; ponds are still – this healing of your heart will catalyze healing in the rest of your being.  We are pushing this healing to the depths of your heart and many places that were stuck, many places that experienced pain.  I offer you a complete resolution of that pain.

Experience my purity.  In this transmission, you are given the opportunity to attune yourself to my purity.  I am planting my seeds of purity in your soul now.  These seeds will find root and take root and lift your vibration up, especially any parts of you that are stuck at a low vibration.  Those places are aware I am planting my seeds.

We are ready to have lift-off, my children.  My seeds will pull up your anchors.  Let them reach your darkest areas.  Let them flow down deep into your soul.  This healing traverses lifetimes, because this lifetime is when we will all rise up.

We are gaining more and more momentum.  The peace movement is alive and well, and it starts with you, my warriors.  I am proud of you.  Your journey has been long.  Your journey right now in this lifetime is tough for many, difficult choices, difficult experiences, and so many happening all at one time.

Let me be your lifeline.  Hold on to me.  Hold on to my mantle.  Wrap it around you.  I am your anchor.  I am your strength.

I am your center, your eye of the storm.  Let my vibration of peace sit in your deepest center.  As an altar of trust, trust that you are going through the process of being lifted up.  Trust that there is a safety net around you.

We are one in this process, my children.  We are one.  My vibration flows through every aspect of humanity, and I am containing, and I am the mastermind behind, the higher vibrational awareness.

We are all God’s creatures, and the mother holds you in her arms.  Together, we are all the eye of the storm, throwing off the vibrations of shadow and restriction and achieving freedom.  As much as you can, embrace this process and trust and know that we are headed to a very beautiful opening.

We shall connect with the stars.

That is all I have to say today and I am ready for your questions.

This one has a question.  In my prayer, there is a reference to humanity being sinners, and there is a lot of charge around this aspect of this prayer.  And the prayer itself has such a broad resonance, and it invites me into your life.   So I ask you to fully embrace this prayer, the Hail Mary prayer. 

However, I would like to clarify that word “sinners.”  “Sinners” is strictly a reference to your humanity.  I’m sure a better word is available.  But as I referenced earlier, there are many opportunities in the third dimension for transgressions against the alignment with the highest vibration of your soul.

So, I refer to a hierarchy in some ways here.  Your soul is aligned with God, but there are so many choices and complexities in the third dimension.  These complexities include your personality and include your thought process and include your physicality.  The third dimension is a long ways away, in some ways, from the alignment with the most high in terms of the complexity.

And our study, the study of humanity, is to clear the path for a direct connection with the divine and bring that connection through into every aspect of humanity.  But it is rare for anyone to sustain a perfect alignment from the third dimension within one lifetime, or even after thousands and thousands of lifetimes.

Yes, of course there are avatars and gurus who have very, very special qualities.  In fact, they have very special soul-level qualities that allow them to be a divine presence within a physical body.  But as you know, these beautiful, beautiful beings are limited and rare.

And so this concept of sin is really a prayer, a request, for that alignment and attunement with the most high.  So I invite you to ask me, and when you’re saying my prayer, which has many, many meanings and many purposes, part of that prayer is to help — to ask for the help of my divine graces, to walk the truest the path that you can in this third-dimensional reality.

Thank you very much for coming to visit with me today.  I hold you in my embrace always.  I hold you not just close to my heart, but within my heart always.  Reach out to me and feel me.  That is all I have to say today.


June 10, 2013

I am here with you all today, my children.  I open my heart to receive you.  Step into my heart.  Step into my divine graces. 

I feel the weariness of much travel.  Your roads have been long in this lifetime.    

Know that we are one.  You are watched over by divine grace. 

Your love is divine.  Connecting with your love connects you to me.

Receive my divine graces through this child, this servant.  Allow my graces to flow within you to any places that are sore, tired, or weak.  My love flows along your nervous system.  It flows through your mind, and through your entire nervous system. 

I may reach you in meditation through your heart.  You are always in my embrace.  I watch over you.  I hear you when you call out to me.  I am always with you.

I am lifting you up every day.  Should you stumble, I am there to catch you.  Should you weep, I am there to comfort you.  Should you need to be cleansed, I am there to cleanse you. 

I give you my blessing through this Temple without Boundaries, because it has the capacity to reach many.  The internet is like the nervous system of today’s society.  Like the nervous system in your body, it communicates. I have blessed this Temple without Boundaries so that it is able to reach far.  It is another messenger for me. 

I am saying thank you to the service of this woman for bringing me to you today.  I’m ready for your questions.

There was a question from a woman who is a spirit sister with this woman about her sleeping.  She is having difficulty sleeping.  There needs to be a wider opening in your energy body to handle the high vibrations that you are receiving in this spiritual path.  You have experienced a dichotomy between your body’s capacity and your spiritual improvements.  I will now attune your body and your spirit to bring you this alignment and assist with your sleeping. 

You are healed, my daughter.

Are there any other questions?

There is someone with a heaviness in their heart.  I will bring peace and comfort to that heart.  Remember that divine love is always available. 

This world is ready for peace and I ask you to go in peace through the world.  Many spiritual leaders provide this message, but it is the practical, day-to-day aspects that are elusive.  Look into your mind and weigh your thoughts.  Do you have thoughts of judgment?  Do you have an uneasy conscience?  Are you withholding yourself, or are you choosing to be generous?

These are the thoughts that you can weigh in your mind every day to accomplish peace on this planet.  Study the way you love.  In love you flourish.  In love you are closer to God. 

As you open your way to love, peace comes through you physically.  It surrounds you like a bubble when you are really connected to love.  And this bubble has a very broad radius and when your bubble, your aura, is filled with divine love and with peace, you’re creating a ripple effect that is much bigger than what you would expect. 

Auras around people bump into each other a lot, and when your aura of peace connects with another person’s aura, you catalyze peace in that person. 

Do not ever underestimate your own power to create peace in the world.

That is all I have to say today.  Thank you for being with this woman in the Temple without Boundaries. 


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