Anxiety? How About Peace of Mind Now

anxiety,Simple English chant is a Natural Remedy for Anxiety

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If your anxiety is caused by constant mental churn and chatter, it’s hard to get through the day.  Whether it’s obsession, worrying, or just too much going on, how about some peace of mind?   Peace of mind can be learned — you can quickly train your mind to be quiet so you can rest, or or have total control over your thoughts, so your thinking processes can become more productive and helpful to your life.   Octavia’s students reported achieving peace of mind immediately after using the mantra, with lasting results after a week or less of practicing this chant, also called a mantra.

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  • Benefits of training your mind to be quiet when you want it to, such as solving problems more easily
  • Rev Octavia’s simple English mantra for mental peace
  • Tips about when and how to use the mantra
  • Rev Octavia chanting the mantra to get you started

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Praise for An Easy Mantra for Mental Peace

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The Quiet Pathway has been a lifesaver at 46 years old, at the risk of sounding over the top, but I have had panic attacks for almost three years and the only resolution was tranquilizers until Octavia and I reconnected after a decade and I tried this – my blood pressure went down that same day – I had a lot of trouble stopping the freight train of thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis while I work, in traffic, even at the grocery store. Practicing the mantra has resulted in my blood pressure being absolutely normal most of the time, the flurry of random thoughts and internal dialog has slowed or even stopped, and when it’s not I spend ten minutes remindind myself of my capacity for peace with this mantra and things goes right back to peaceful. I would have never believed it if I hadn’t already tried everything the doctors offer and found it does not work. Medication kept me indebted to the doctors that never had any answers, any remedies, only roulette-style temporary band-aids along with Xanax and Valium. My sleep has improved, I feel so much better, I’m even exercising now all because I am free from anxiety and an overactive mind. It seems so simple in retrospect, but in the middle of all-encompassing anxiety and worry it’s hard to recognize the solution. Now that I have it, it’s a lifelong tool for me that I’ll never forget because doing so would mean going right back to that which the divine guarantees all of us – the opportunity to destroy ourselves. This mantra has put me in touch with what is also guaranteed – the opportunity to live a happy life. I can’t thank Octavia enough for having the spirit and will to put this out there for all of us.


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One Response to Anxiety? How About Peace of Mind Now

  1. Robin August 24, 2013 at 3:58 PM #

    Before I did this meditation: I felt pretty good with minimal pain, again doing right after breakfast.

    After: VERY relaxed, I can use this mantra when I wake in the night and am having trouble
    getting back to sleep.

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