Self Care 3 – The Fastest Ways to Rejuvenate

No need for self-care to be overwhelming, you can get great results from keeping it easy and simple.  Here’s a thought: What are you tolerating instead of enjoying? A lot of us givers have a really high tolerance for discomfort because we are so other-focused.  One fast way to get energy back is to identify and stop tolerating discomforts.  This installment gives you more easy ways you can increase your energy levels.

The goal of self-care is to gain a state of fullness that can overflow onto those we serve.  We’ve already looked at how we unconsciously drain our energy and prevent our fullness.  How easily can we increase our energy and get closer to fullness by weaving in some little bitty changes?

Here are a few easy ways to increase energy:  

Mental: Imagine you have a bucket of water and throw your negative thoughts into it as they come up.  Tame an obsessive brain by repeating a healthy opposite message instead.  Use a chant, song or mantra: Silent mind, empty mind is a peace-inducing mantra.  Or use an affirmation to dig out of that hole; start with “I am…” and keep the language positive.  Place a sticky note with the affirmation to remind you when the negative self-talk starts up.

Emotional: Give a little less than 1000% (pssst- no one is going to notice but you!).  Find 1 new way to say No.  Peel off 1 minute from that edgy mood next time you’re in one, just by choosing.  Notice you’re in it, and decide how long you want to stay in it.  

Physical Body: 1 superfood a day, 1 more vegetable serving a day, or 1 more supplement.  Have trouble remembering? Find the most likely time you’ll remember and forgive yourself if you forget.  Stop tolerating clothes you don’t like, such as itchy sweaters, tight shoes or pants that squish.

Physical Environment: Adjust light/sound levels.   Throw out that worn-out thing you hate. Add 1 picture that inspires you, bonus points if it’s a dream vacation spot.

Spiritual/Inner strength: Breathe more deeply.  For 1 minute, drink down the sunshine or any source of light, imagine it flowing into your belly.  Ask the Divine or the Earth to support your highest service.  

Here’s a template for you to brainstorm your quick-n-dirty self-care:

  • One negative thought process I’m willing to stop indulging is:
  • One quick easy way I can increase my emotional well-being is:
  • One quick easy way I can increase my physical comfort or energy is:
  • One quick easy way I can enjoy my environment more is:
  • One quick easy way I can build my inner strength is:

There are lots of little ways to take care of ourselves, and self-care that is easy is sustainable.  More than that, it opens the door of awareness – how are we unwilling to receive our own self-care, where are our choices grinding us down, and what are the underlying beliefs about worthiness that we may need to address to keep ourselves full to overflowing?

In the final installment, we’ll look at the bigger picture of self-care and discover few more ways of weaving it into your life.

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