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Do your friends complain about you being spacey, scattered, flighty or “ungrounded?” Do you wish you could focus better, especially under pressure? Have trouble going to sleep? The spiritual technique for this is grounding, which is to energetically connect yourself to the Earth. Grounding will bring you a feeling of peace and calm in your body (great for job interviews!). It allows you to focus much better so you’ll remember all those things you’re juggling. And if you ground yourself before bedtime, you’ll slip into sleep more easily (especially with Octavia’s mesmerizing voice!).

This audio is included in each of the Pathways starter kits so you can create a basic spiritual toolkit and get more pleasure out of your spiritual experiences!

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Grounding with Earth Lifeforce — Guided Meditation

A lot of people have heard about grounding, but not everyone knows what it means or has truly experienced it. Grounding with Earth Lifeforce means connecting your body energetically to the Earth. A lot of ceremonies start with a grounding meditation because when we connect with this great planet who supports us, we move into a more powerful state of consciousness and we can contribute more to the ceremony. In this guided meditation class, you will experience grounding to the center of the Earth and rejuvenating yourself with the healing Earth energy.

This audio is included in each of the Pathways starter kits so you can create a basic spiritual toolkit. This toolkit will help you get more out of any spiritual tool or technology, so you can grow and heal faster, and improve your life faster!

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Format: MP3 Audio
Run Time: 24:16:00
File Size: 13.7 MB

4 reviews for All Pathways — Grounding with Earth Lifeforce — Guided Meditation

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Friendly person

    The experience of listening to the audio was awesome since i learned to keep calm in any pressure situation by keeping my cord grounded and moving my excess anger in the ground like a neutral earth wire. before listening to this audio, i always get angry on smaller things but this video helps you to keep your mind cool and calm.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    One of the reasons I have missed out on the best jobs in my life has been because of panic attacks. I get nervous and agitated at job interviews which makes stutter and appear unprepared for the meeting. The result – I may have all the necessary qualifications experience but I am not what they are looking for. I was extremely disappointed to see myself stuck at one spot in life.

    When I spoke this to my friends, one of them introduced me to All Pathways — Grounding with Earth Life force — Guided Meditation. I felt that it will be investment of a lifetime. What this audio product by Octavia Brooks does is that it grounds you to the earth. The calm voice of the instructor will instruct you on how to reduce your pressure and calm your body and focus your mind. Grounding means you are in touch with the earth’s centre from the base of your spine.

    It helps me meditate and prepare for the day. It gives me a sense of purpose and I feel grounded throughout the day. I also have started feeling less lethargic and have been able to concentrate more at work.

    For me, this audio product has worked wonders. I have been listening to it every day and it has now become a good habit. I am currently the Vice President of a big MNC company and I feel that I owe a lot to the Octavia Brooks.

  3. Rated 3 out of 5

    Jenny Na

    I have heard of grounding before and new the basics of what it meant. Beyond the basics, I have never checked into it or tried it. Like her mantra class, Reverend Octavia Brooks grounding class, has a similar hollow sound that is at first distracting. I also found a slight electronic sound that continued throughout the instructions to go against the peacefulness. A gentle rain sound would have been more quieting for me.

    Other than the above, I could see where this would help someone feel attached to their surroundings and more connected to the Earth. While I didn’t feel this in my initial listening, I feel this had more to do with not being able to get into a meditative state than anything else. I could visualize a pole extending from myself down through different layers but didn’t feel much of a connection. Maybe even the choice of a pole instead of the tree roots that were spoken of could make a difference. The naturalness of the tree might be helpful. A pole is just what popped into my head to start with.

    I plan on continuing to try this technique. It is something that I feel could be helpful and could expand my feelings of contentment with my surroundings.

  4. Rated 3 out of 5


    Before I did this meditation: : I was relaxed but in pain (back & knees), my feet were cold, my dog was on my lap.

    After the meditation: My back still hurt, but less so. I felt more centered and relaxed at my core level.

    I will definitely use this one again.

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