All Pathways — Quiet Your Mind — An Easy Mantra for Mental Peace

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Annoyed by constant mental chatter?  Whether it’s obsession, worrying, or just too much going on, would you like some peace of mind?   Peace of mind can be learned, you can quickly train your mind to be quiet so you can rest and so inspiration can find its way in.   In this audio you’ll learn about benefits of training your mind to be quiet when you want it to, such as solving problems more easily.   Rev Octavia's students reported they were achieving peace of mind after using this English mantra for only a week.

This audio is included in each of the Pathways starter kits so you can create a basic spiritual toolkit and get more pleasure out of your spiritual experiences.

Format: MP3 Audio
Run Time: 14:59
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Quiet Your Mind — An Easy Mantra for Mental Peace

A mantra is like a chant, a set of words that are repeated.  It is also a powerful tool for achieving a higher state of consciousness and to quiet your mind.  This audio describes many spiritual and non-spiritual benefits of maintaining a quiet mind.  A simple English mantra is given with tips about when and how to use it.  At the end, the mantra is repeated to help you get started training your mind to be quiet and peaceful.

Format: MP3 Audio
Run Time: 14:59
File Size: 13.7 MB

2 reviews for All Pathways — Quiet Your Mind — An Easy Mantra for Mental Peace

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    I have an extremely stressful business as I am a wedding planner. I work with the bride and groom in arranging their wedding as per their wishes. It is an intense job with months of planning and a lot of last minute changes. Due to this high pressure job, I was getting frustrated and it started affecting my work. When I realized this, I knew that I had to do something to de-stress or I would have spoiled my working relationships.

    I heard of the All Pathways — Quiet Your Mind — An Easy Mantra for Mental Peace audio. The concept was very interesting as it involves me being in a temple and my temple keeper is Octavia Brooks. First, I must say the voice was so soothing and mesmerizing that after I heard it, I was hooked. I listen to it every morning before going to work as it helps create equilibrium of the mind. I am able to handle pressure and work calmly getting better results.

    Octavia Brooks’s voice helps me in quieting my mind. Initially, I listen to the audio as it calmed my mind but slowly I started following what was instructed in the video. I must say, that now, I can’t go without listening to the audio. I feel peaceful, relaxed and unruffled when I hear the mantra being chanted and it makes me feel like as if I can take on the work.

    This product gets full marks from me as I can vouch for it. I believe the audio by Octavia Brooks has changed my life for the better.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    Jenny Na

    Originally upon starting listening, one major point stood out to distract me slightly. This is that when Reverend Octavia Brooks started speaking, her voice sounded like she was speaking through a tube. It kind of gave the recording a hollow sound. I got over this quickly though.

    Prior to listening to this recording I hadn’t done much research into meditation. I had tried once before when I heard of sitting and visualizing a white space. I had a lot of problems doing this because my white space kept gaining visuals and I couldn’t keep it. I also tended to start thinking of other stuff quickly. At that point, I decided that visualization wasn’t for me.

    After listening to this recording, and sitting for a few minutes repeating the mantra given, I found that it was a little easier to keep my mind focused. I’m not saying that other stuff didn’t pop up. It did. I can only expect this to happen because a few minutes is not enough time to change the way I think and to start a new thought process.

    I can honestly see myself sitting down and trying this. Right now, I am going through major changes in my life with finishing my college classes, finding a new job, and moving. These are very stressful. Anything that can help relieve this stress is a blessing.

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