Starter Kit — Quiet Pathway

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This Starter Kit gives Quiet Pathway folks a basic toolkit to enable your spiritual enjoyment. These tools can also map your way through many common life challenges. For example, quieting your mind with the mantra can help you choose what to think or write about, and the Earth and Universal energies can rejuvenate you enough to share more of your gifts with your friends and family.

After you take the first class and choose your favorite method of setting sacred space, try that before each of the other classes in the Starter Kit to get the most out of them. Be prepared to do a little writing and soul-searching with the Gratitude Meditation and the Spiritual Intentions classes. The guided meditations involve many different types of visualization, and are easiest to do while seated.

Read more about the benefits of each class in the descriptions below. Once you’re familiar with these tools, use them throughout your life and also with other spiritual experiences from the Quiet Pathway. They can enhance every aspect of your life. BUY THIS KIT AND SAVE OVER 35% OFF INDIVIDUAL CLASS PURCHASES.

Total run time of entire kit: 3 hours, 6 minutes
File size: 398MB
Format: MP3 audio, MP4 video

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Starter Kit — Quiet Pathway

Here are the detailed descriptions for each of the classes in the Quiet Starter Kit. Once you’re familiar with these tools, use them throughout your life and also with other spiritual experiences from the Quiet Pathway. They can enhance every aspect of your life!

Kit includes

Setting Sacred Space for Personal Ceremony

Setting sacred space defines the difference between a spiritual time and place and the regular world. Creating a sacred space will help you shift your attitude from whatever else you were doing during the day into a spiritual frame of mind, so it helps create focus for your spiritual practice. This class covers 3 ways to create sacred space.

Run time: 10:32 minutes
File size: 9.64MB
Format: MP3 audio

Spiritual Intentions

Do you know how to talk to God? Have you tried, but not sure if you’re being heard or haven’t noticed much difference in your life? This audio is about how to talk to God, the Creator, the Universe* using intentions to ask for help or something you need. An intention is similar to a prayer but the language is more specific. There are ways of praying and stating intentions that make it easier for the Universe to respond. Covers designing your intentions and four ways to talk to God about them.  *insert your definition of the divine here

Run time: 25 minutes
File size: 23MB
Format: MP3 audio

Quiet your Mind — An Easy Mantra for Mental Peace

Annoyed by constant mental chatter? Whether it’s obsession, worrying, or just too much going on, would you like some peace of mind? Peace of mind can be learned, you can quickly train your mind to be quiet so that you can rest and so inspiration can find its way in. My students reported they were achieving peace of mind after using this English mantra for only a couple of weeks.

Run time: 15 minutes
File size: 13.7MB
Format: MP3 audio

Grounding with Earth Lifeforce

Do your friends complain about you being spacey, scattered, flighty or “ungrounded?” Do you wish you could focus better, especially under pressure? Have trouble going to sleep? The spiritual technique for this is grounding, which is to energetically connect yourself to the Earth and develop a deeper relationship with your body. Grounding will bring you a feeling of peace and calm in your body (great for job interviews!). It allows you to focus much better so you’ll remember all those things you’re juggling. And if you ground yourself before bedtime, you’ll slip into sleep more easily (especially with Octavia’s mesmerizing voice!).

Run time: 24:16 minutes
File size: 23.4MB
Format: MP3 audio

Gratitude Meditation and Spontaneous Gratitude Prayer

Do you want to know a secret about gratitude? Already giving your thanks but not sure if you’re being heard? Aren’t sure how to start being spiritual? In this expanded version of the video (get your free version by signing up for the Temple mailing list), you’ll hear the spiritual secret of why the gratitude attitude gets you further in life. This video is a great place to start your spiritual exploration because it covers several spiritual basics. You’ll learn how to connect with the Divine Universe (insert your spiritual concept of God here) so you’ll know you’ve been heard. You’ll hear techniques for shifting gears into a spiritual frame of mind, internally and externally. Use the skills from the long version for a spontaneous shout-out whenever something good happens. At the end of the video, the practice is customized for each Pathway. BONUS material: how to set up a Gratitude altar.

Run time: 38:11 minutes
File size: 260MB
Format: MP4 Video

Electrify Yourself with Universal Lifeforce

Do you feel heavy, uninspired, or don’t feel much at all? Connecting with Universal energy will charge up your life! If you are feeling heavy or dense, you can lighten up with the Universal energy. Universal energy balances with Earth energy — it is bright, uplifting, and inspiring. In this guided meditation, you will learn how to connect yourself to the Universe and bring the energy back into your body to rejuvenate your nervous system.

Run time: 25 minutes
File size: 23.4MB
Format: MP3 audio

Centering Your Energy for Personal Resilience

Are you impulsive, reactionary, or too hasty sometimes? Do you find yourself apologizing later for your actions in relationships, because you flared up at the wrong moment? What if you could learn how to be calmer and choose the way you want to act? Centering yourself gives you this power of choice, so you can respond to a situation instead of reacting in a way you’ll regret later. In this guided meditation you’ll experience both the Earth and Universal energies, and learn how to flow them along your spine.

Run time: 18:15 minutes
File size: 17.1MB
Format: MP3 audio

Rejuvenating with Earth and Universal Lifeforce

Feeling run down? Nerves a little tight? Been burning the candle at both ends? Most of us give out a lot more than we take back in, and get ourselves worn down. If we don’t catch up on our rejuvenation, we’ll end up getting old waaay too young. But you don’t have to go to a spa or Jamaica to rejuvenate yourself — infinite sources of energy are available to you every day! In this meditation we soak up Earth and Universal energies and fill all those tired sore places in our body, mind and soul.

Run time: 29:32 minutes
File size: 27.7MB
Format: MP3 audio



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    The Quiet Pathway has been a lifesaver at 46 years old, at the risk of sounding over the top, but I have had panic attacks for almost three years and the only resolution was tranquilizers until Octavia and I reconnected after a decade and I tried this – my blood pressure went down that same day – I had a lot of trouble stopping the freight train of thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis while I work, in traffic, even at the grocery store. Practicing the mantra has resulted in my blood pressure being absolutely normal most of the time, the flurry of random thoughts and internal dialog has slowed or even stopped, and when it’s not I spend ten minutes remindind myself of my capacity for peace with this mantra and things goes right back to peaceful. I would have never believed it if I hadn’t already tried everything the doctors offer and found it does not work. Medication kept me indebted to the doctors that never had any answers, any remedies, only roulette-style temporary band-aids along with Xanax and Valium. My sleep has improved, I feel so much better, I’m even exercising now all because I am free from anxiety and an overactive mind. It seems so simple in retrospect, but in the middle of all-encompassing anxiety and worry it’s hard to recognize the solution. Now that I have it, it’s a lifelong tool for me that I’ll never forget because doing so would mean going right back to that which the divine guarantees all of us – the opportunity to destroy ourselves. This mantra has put me in touch with what is also guaranteed – the opportunity to live a happy life. I can’t thank Octavia enough for having the spirit and will to put this out there for all of us.

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