!Treasure-Hunting Mini-Session!


Great job taking this step – you’re about to reclaim your lost soul treasures so you can experience freedom!

The Treasure-Hunting session is where we start getting to know each other.

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In this 45-minute introductory phone session you’ll make huge progress to resolve a recent issue, or peel off a big layer on an old issue.

We’ll follow the same format as a regular full session.

Tell me your vision for your life, your hopes and dreams, what’s not working.  What addictions or recurring patterns are you sick of?  What do you desire more of?  How do you want to grow yourself, your life, your business, your abundance?  Who do you want to be, what do you want to accomplish?

Then tell me what’s in your way.  Whether it’s deep old childhood stuff or recent realizations, or even if you just don’t know.

I may offer insights during our discussion, then we’ll go into a customized sample of my Shamanic energy healing to get you past a specific obstacle or to help you make a significant shift.

After the energy work, you’ll receive a channeled affirmation to integrate your new self and maintain all the benefits.

At the end of the session, we’ll discuss how you may benefit from additional Shamanic work with me.  If we decide to work together again, some or all of the $45 fee goes towards future sessions.  If you don’t like what we did, I’ll give your money back.

Treasure-Hunting sessions last about 45 minutes.  Schedule Here Now!

Reverend Octavia’s Philosophy and Approach

Rev Octavia goes deeper than most energy workers and her clients report great results.  She works with helpful spirit beings such as angels and with spiritual  technologies developed over many years on her path.   She finds out what’s causing your symptoms, whether it’s psychic wounds, energy blocks/leaks, or exhaustion, and applies the best spiritual energy techniques to lift you up.

Sessions can be effectively conducted in person in Austin, TX or by phone/Skype.  Full sessions run approximately 75-90 minutes.

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Reverend Octavia’s Healing Techniques

Every energy healing session is unique, but Octavia uses these skills and techniques:

  • Working with guides, she brings different types of spiritual energy down from the universe into your body and energy field for rejuvenation, healing, or to loosen an energy block.
  • Opening her channel to Divine Mother to heal your wounded inner child-selves
  • Telling the story about how a wound happened or how a block was put in place, giving you a better understanding of yourself.  Your symptoms could be from an unconscious or conscious decision you made in this lifetime, a past life or even patterns at the soul level.
  • Finding energy “leaks, ” and closing them up, like a plumber.
  • Exchanging energy with another person (living or dead) to free both of you from any limitations in that relationship.  Also results in your empowerment as your energy comes back in your highest good.
  • Elevating “hitchhiker” entities or mischievous spirits through Mother Mary to their next experience.  These types of entities can drain your energy or cause symptoms.  Octavia closes the door behind them so they can’t come back.

Results frequently experienced…

Results unfold over time.  The results from an energy healing session can be subtle or obvious, and they will likely unfold over days and weeks.  As the healing progresses, you will likely become more resourceful, opening yourself to more ideas and options.  You may not attribute all your positive changes to the energy healing session because you’ve recruited new tools to create success in your life.  Read client testimonials here

  • Noticing that you’re thinking, choosing, communicating, or acting differently, with less effort.  These changes are helping you improve your relationships and make better choices.
  • Your awareness/understanding may increase or happen faster, giving you the opportunity to make smarter choices.
  • Noticing more energy and/or motivation.
  • Feeling better physically, or gaining insights towards your physical well-being.
  • Naturally finding more resources at your disposal – helpful tools, people, situations.  You open to more ideas and option.
  • Feeling/sensing your prayers are being heard or answered better than before.
  • Feeling stronger, a core center of strength making it easier to handle life’s challenges.


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