Will You Still Love Me if I’m an Irreverent Reverend?

20150708_221013I’ve been playing with titles and identities in my mind lately.  When I introduce myself as a non-denominational Reverend, I’m seeing people dive into their own beliefs about reverends, barely able to rise above their own stuff to get curious anything else I might say.  I just now realized that using my title (which I’m proud of, by the way) is actually a way I keep people from seeing who I truly am and preventing them from connecting with me.

I’d rather acknowledge I’m an Irreverent Reverend.

I can’t seem to cure myself of swearing when I’m feeling exuberant, though I have cleaned up my act around children (mostly) and I don’t use the Lord’s name in vain anymore (pretty sure I had to butcher some genes to make that happen).

I really prefer to wear colorful clothes.  I’ve racked my brain about how to dress the Reverend part, such as wearing all white whenever I go to networking meetings.  But I’m not really that conservative, it would be a fake-out persona that most people could probably see through.

I like being sexy.  Heck I was born pretty through no act of my own, I may as well enjoy it for as long as my bloom lasts (til I’m 90, hopefully).  So I strongly prefer to wear colorful – and sexy – clothes, shoes and makeup.

I have a punk-rock sense of humor.  I think off-color jokes about roadkill and limericks that rhyme with “lock” are pretty dang funny.

When I’m around my peeps letting my hair down, I am obnoxious and boisterous!  Barely even a lady, let alone a reverend.

None of this me matches even a stretch of a Reverend concept that I can come up with.  So it’s starting to dawn on me that I am still in the closet and maybe it’s time for me to morph my identity once again to allow my inner entertainer to have more fun with y’all.

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