Spring Equinox: Out with the Old (Definition of Balance!)

Purple Light SwirlWas there ever a time when a balanced life was made up only two things?  Maybe when they first invented the scale it was!!  In the pagan tradition, we use the energy of equal day and night on the Equinoxes to set intentions for balance.  In my next tele-ceremony on Saturday the 21st Lightplay Swirling the Darkness into Balance, I’ll align you with a new idea of life balance, which is becoming the Master of the eye of your storm.

This idea of two polarities coming into balance perpetuates a limited idea of balance, like a scale rocking back and forth.  In that definition, a balanced life or person would be ups and downs or manic-depressive.

What is this mysterious pursuit we call Life Balance anyway?  And do we really want it?  “Perfect” life balance sounds boring to me, completely stagnant and unnatural.  My life is the pure pleasure of leaping from one whirling eddy to the next, completely engaging, then a climatic crescendo, some recovery, then swirl around some more and build back up again.

I’m going for a new definition of life balance, are you with me?

Here in 3D, we are creatures of an organic system called planet Earth, which is systems within systems within systems.  An organic system balances itself over longer periods of time, with interactive ripple effects between the systems, creating new systems and new effects.  These ways are very mysterious to those of us tracking our experience over only days, weeks, months.  But seen from another angle, the interactive systems are full of playfulness, like children buzzing around in the spring sun on the playground.

A “balanced” organic system is constantly in motion, constantly re-making and re-organizing itself, expanding into new ways of beingness, creating new self-knowledge.  What if we could enjoy a flavor of balance where we are “tuned in” to the overtones and higher essences of the interplay in our systems?

This is what I want to show you in my Spring Equinox tele-ceremony.  My definition of balance is attunement in our Center, claiming Mastery there and calling all our systems into alignment.  We will swirl Light into our darkness and call all our parts home using centrifugal force.

Spring Equinox is next Saturday, with a baby new moon opening a new chapter.  Join the tele-ceremony in the Temple and open a new chapter of Mastery with life balance.

With love,
Reverend Octavia

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