Spiritual Journey to South Korea

Mama Love

After launching the site, I took a spiritual journey to South Korea with my mother to visit my sister in South Korea. It’s been over 6 months since I moved away from Mom, so we just cried giving each other hugs for a long while! Nothing quite like Mama Love, I am so grateful to have her gifts in my life!

Spirit of the Dolmen

I embarked on my first spiritual experience because I felt strongly called to visit a Dolmen on Ganghwa-do island. The Spirit of those megalithic stones sent me waves of healing energy, and then told me he was the protector and advisor for the tribe many generations ago. He asked to return to the states with me, and I feel like he has become one of my guides. Long live the Dolmen spirits!

This Dolmen spirit, Bangwa-Li, reminded me of the ancestral spirits I’ve met SW of Austin in the Hill Country. This magical land full of water and game was home for many tribes, and I can feel places where large gatherings were held. Unfortunately, most of those people are gone now, but their ancestor spirits are still here. I am not sure what to do for them, so I honor and pray for them with love in my heart whenever I go to sweatlodge, but I don’t know if it’s what they need. I know spirits don’t experience time like we do, but I wonder what happens when powerful ancestor spirits become disconnected from their descendants.

Biggest Buddha

The next day, Mom and I went to a newer Buddhist temple in Seoul, which had colorful lanterns strung all over for Buddha’s birthday (Wesak, a time to let the child Buddha awaken in us). I paid homage to the Great Master Buddha at the largest statues in Korea. These were the deepest experiences I’ve ever had with Buddhism, but later at a museum, an unassuming little golden statue of the Enlightened Buddha captured me and I was frozen! Right there in public I received wave after wave of blessings from the Great Master (swoon)!

Those blessings continue to attune me to the Buddha: now when I do my normal meditation of connecting to the Heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Divine, I see golden Buddha energy in the highest levels of my aura! I am not sure what I have done to deserve the wonderful experiences I continue to be blessed with, but I am so grateful and humbled.

1000-yr Buddhist Temple

Also on Ganghwa-do island I visited a 1000-yr-old Buddhist temple called Jeongdeung-sa. The pagoda-style buildings are lusciously painted in vibrant colors with glowing golden Buddhas inside. Wandering the grounds, I found a sacred tree grove and the lady spirits of the trees fussed over my blonde hair so much that I plucked out a tuft and offered it as a gift. Most nature spirits appreciate a little hair for an offering, and it’s so convenient!

Besides these amazing spiritual experiences in Korea, we ate like queens, saw palaces and museums, and had a great visit with my sister Angela. Check out some photos here.

Thanks for tuning in! Next time look for my first blog posts such as “How do You Define Divine?” and “Intention Vs Imagination.”

May your path be illuminated and blessed.
Rev. Octavia Brooks, Temple Keeper

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