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Partner Up and Gimme what I WANT!

How do I get my inner masculine and feminine to play instead of pissing each other off? I know I’m gonna get more outta life when they are a hot love mess! All kinds of things from childhood to relationships to culture can mess up our masculine/feminine sides and make them get bitchy. They may […]

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Oh No, got a Battle of the Sexes Ovah Here!

My inner masculine keeps beating up my inner feminine.  My inner feminine has no respect for my inner masculine. How do you know?  Our motivations and emotions demonstrate your inner states, giving us our biggest challenges in life.  If you’ve got the battle above going on, your over-bearing inner masculine is saying you’re not worthy…of […]

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Benefits of Energy Healing

The benefits of energy healing are many The benefits you can enjoy depend on what you ask for. You start the session by saying what you want to change in your life.  The healer listens to your spirit guides and guardian angels and uses energy healing techniques to make those changes.  There is no physical […]

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