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Enjoy Your Spiritual Path

As you connect with Spirit in more and more ways over time, you will come to enjoy your spiritual path and appreciate its place in your life.  It can offer you strength when you are feeling low, rejuvenation when you are tired.  It can balance your energy if you’re stressed, and open you up to […]

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Try Other Spiritual Practices

After you’ve started using some or all of the tools from your starter kit, try other spiritual practices, tools and techniques.  You will likely enjoy spiritual practices that match your natural approach to life, so choose something from your Pathway or another Pathway with high points on your Quiz.   Check back regularly on your Pathway […]

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Begin Your Spiritual Path

Making the decision to begin your spiritual path may be easier said than done for you.  First, you may have the question, what is a spiritual path?   Almost every spiritual leader will have a different answer, but many people agree that religions, traditions, lineages, are not necessarily spiritual.  They are sets of respected tools, techniques, […]

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