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Transformational Grace

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Now we are getting multiple major life issues at a time instead of one at a time, which was plenty! Is the Universe in a rush for something?? We are being asked to dig out our shadows and unburden our deeper more beautiful truth.

Grace is a willingness to look beyond what we think we know to what’s really true, and stay in gratitude for the opportunity to heal and grow. How much Grace can you receive in your darkest moments?

In this tele-ceremony with the assistance of Mother Ocean Yemanja, we surrendered our struggle and accepted what is. In this acceptance, we earned a Ray of Logos, the divine perspective on what’s happening in our lives. In seeing our life challenges from a divine perspective, we were gifted the peacefulness, attitudes and beliefs of divine Grace.


Find Your Way when Lost or Confused20121014_171119

Listen to FREE Replay here (55 minutes)

Can’t tell which way to go? Are you confused or frozen about making a decision or choosing a direction? Sometimes it seems like even the stars are thwarting your clarity and knowingness (…and maaaybe they are!?!).

Listen to this replay for a toolkit to create clarity in your path or direction, as well as a light-hearted journey to open you up!

–Identify hidden obstacles and what to do about them.

–What are you hiding from and where are you blocking yourself?

–Invoke divine guides, energies and tools that support optimal decisions and knowingness.

Be the ONE You LOVE

Radiant heartListen to FREE Replay here (75 minutes)

Through loving ourselves, we can bring more love into the world.  In the replay, you will hear one of my personal stories of breaking my addiction to love at any cost, and how I learned to require 100% good treatment from men who profess their love for me. Next I gave tips on how to identify when a part of you is suffering and how to give it just the right attention.

In the context of the journey, we learned a powerful tool for healing and integrating that suffering part of ourselves. And we open ourselves to channel Divine Love through our hearts and to ourselves and out into the world.  We wrapped up the event with Self-Love Tips.

Womans' victory jumpGet off the Plateau and Launch to your Next Level

Listen to FREE Replay here (55 minutes)

Have you ever felt like you’re just getting along , but not really excelling or getting to your greatness?  It’s a comfortable place to be, the Plateau, but is it everything you can be, are you really living up to your Potential?   Where could you expand if you gave yourself permission?

The Universe is designed for constant expansion.  Being part of it, we are going against the flow of Nature when we allow ourselves to stall out for too long — we are denying what’s next for us.  Listen to this replay to shed your baggage and step into your divine expansive creator Self.

Balancing the Juggle: Time Flow for Businessfolk

Heart clockworksListen to the Free Replay Here (90 minutes)

This month’s group energy experience continues the Shamanism in Business theme with a journey to create new capacities to balance our workload, work faster and more efficiently, and with grace and ease, feeling our flow and celebrating accomplishment at the end of each day.

In this tele-ceremony, we journey in the Temple to the Chamber of Chronos to align with the Master Clockworks.  This alignment gives you inner navigation towards what is worth your time and what is not.  After this alignment, we go through an expansion process so that every moment of each day, we are feeling our FLOW so we can get our work done faster and more easily.  After this journey, your day will breeze by, and you’ll enjoy the rewards of accomplishment every evening.

Shamanism for Business Series: Meet the Right People to Play Big

Listen to the Replay Here (90 minutes)

cirlce of peopleIt takes new skills to recognize and weed out bad people. Over time we recognize and keep quality people who are amazing, and truly worthy of our inner circle. Journey in the Temple Without Boundaries to the

  • Chamber of Cleansing – With ocean goddess Yemanja’s assistance, wash yourself clean of anything holding you back.
  • Chamber of Knowledge – With the assistance of the Elohim, learn all the new skills you need to identify and keep new connections going strong!
  • Chamber of Expansion – Learn what it feels like to Play Big, and receive divine attunements from goddesses Ellodia and Oshum and god Pan.

Lightplay Swirling into Balance – Become the Eye of your Lifestorm

Purple Light Swirl Listen to the Replay here (90 minutes)

In this tele-ceremony, we borrowed the energies of Spring Equinox to balance ourselves.  A “balanced” organic system such as a human life is constantly in motion, constantly re-organizing, expanding into new ways of beingness and creating new self-knowledge.  Listen to the replay to attune and claim mastery in your Center, the eye of the storm of your life. We call all our systems and parts into alignment using centrifugal force.

Manifest and Magnetize: Masculine and Feminine in Playful Balance

Listen to the Replay here (90 minutes)

Your Chocolate is in my Pnut ButterWhen your inner masculine and feminine energies are at war, areas of your life will stop and start, your progress lurches forward, you may confuse or turn people off. When masculine energy dominates, we may run ourselves ragged working too hard to make things happen. When feminine energy dominates we may wait too long for the right thing. When these energies engage in balanced interplay, you are co-creating with the Universe, achieving your desires easily. Join this Shamanic journey to attune, harmonize and inspire your masculine/feminine sides so you can use the right proportions for every life situation.

Winter Solstice Tele-Ceremony

Listen to the Replay here (60 minutes)

TempleWithoutBoundaries New Year 2015 JPG largeBless your new Year with the holy light of the Baby Sun King, who is pure and playful innocence.  As the Sun King is re-born on Winter Solstice, He graces you with high vibrational purity of re-born light.  Align your life with this vibration and get a fresh start that elevates everything you give and receive this year.  Your life will naturally flow with the highest vibrational impact.

Step inside the Temple Without Boundaries and prepare for the Baby Sun King’s blessing. Drop your baggage from last year and go into the New Year clear and clean.  Receive blessings of joy and ease from the new light, to spark fulfillment of your most expansive hopes and dreams.

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