Benefits of Energy Healing

The benefits of energy healing are many The benefits you can enjoy depend on what you ask for. You start the session by saying what you want to change in your life.  The healer listens to your spirit guides and guardian angels and uses energy healing techniques to make those changes.  There is no physical […]

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Lotus of purification

Meditation Relieves Anxiety

Anxiety occurs when the mind churns with thoughts. People suffering from anxiety feel helpless. Their sense of helplessness compounds the problem, causing more anxiety. While traditions of meditation may vary, all meditation relieves anxiety because it creates a sense of calm and peace. This is achieved by training the mind to slow down and become […]

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Self-Care 4 – Summary: Weaving it into Everyday Life

Self-care is a deeper topic than the two little words lead us to believe. It involves uncovering hidden beliefs, unconscious behaviors and choices against ourselves, and finding easy, personal ways to feel good and rejuvenate. The goal is to feel pretty good at the end of most of your days, with energy left over to […]

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Self Care 3 – The Fastest Ways to Rejuvenate

No need for self-care to be overwhelming, you can get great results from keeping it easy and simple.  Here’s a thought: What are you tolerating instead of enjoying? A lot of us givers have a really high tolerance for discomfort because we are so other-focused.  One fast way to get energy back is to identify […]

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Self-Care 2 – Quiz: Enough Already! Or Is it?

Are you a Horse or a Rabbit? Some of us are workhorses and some of us are rabbits, so we need different amounts and forms of self-care to maintain our highest level of service. We are all aiming for the same end goal with self-care: a feeling of fullness and inner strength that overflows onto […]

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Self-Care 1 – Quiz: Are you REALLY worth it?

Your mind says Yes but does the rest of you? What are the underlying assumptions that make us passive-aggressive towards ourselves when it comes to self-care? Take this quiz – Are you worthy of self-care? Answer yes/no: 1. I sometimes diddle around all evening then get to bed too late to get a full night’s […]

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Justice of Receiving – I AM Poetry

I received this Justice of Receiving poetry after a difficult relationship ended.  During the relationship, childhood memories surfaced out of my unconscious and gave me the opportunity to heal some “tragic” belief systems I created back then that were still in operation. This poem came through me when I decided to start showing up for […]

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Therapeutic Benefits of Shamanic Journeys

Shamanic Journeys have an ancient history of being used for many purposes in tribal and indigenous cultures.  Shamanism is part of an indigenous/tribal world-view that is highly integrated across all parts of life.  Tribal peoples believe there are spiritual reasons behind any form of imbalance, whether that is addiction, illness or bad luck.  When they […]

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Inner Foolishness

Liberate your Inner Foolishness

Happy April Fool’s Day!  I had to take a break and talk about Foolishness!  I’m reclaiming my inner foolishness, and here’s why. The Fool archetype teaches us how be in complete and total faith that our divine purpose is unfolding in every moment of our lives.  In the tarot, the Fool card is unnumbered or numbered […]

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Why not Yes

Hell No! Why to Choose YES when you Don’t Wanna

No. Just No. It’s not right, I’m not going to do it, you can’t make me! The hairs go up on the back of your neck and every fiber of your being says Stop, Basta, stomp the brakes! So you tell the person in front of you No, Hell No. But who are you really […]

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How to Cleanse and Bless your Homespace

You’ve been to yoga class and everyone talks about energy. Good energy, bad energy, clean energy, etc. People prefer clean, clear energy, even if they are unconscious of the differences. Why is that? An energetically clean and clear space feels light and refreshing, even if you’re not sure why, or it wouldn’t necessarily be something […]

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Will You Still Love Me if I’m an Irreverent Reverend?

I’ve been playing with titles and identities in my mind lately.  When I introduce myself as a non-denominational Reverend, I’m seeing people dive into their own beliefs about reverends, barely able to rise above their own stuff to get curious anything else I might say.  I just now realized that using my title (which I’m […]

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