Testimonials for Reverend Octavia

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Testimonials from Healing Practitioners and Therapists

Beth Apfelbaum, MFT, Loving Sexuality Institute

At a networking event of visionary entrepreneurs, Octavia gave me ideas to use with one of my clients. My client felt stuck with her feminine energy. Octavia’s ideas were interesting and I was able to share them with my client with good results. I will be able to extrapolate from her ideas to assist other clients as well.

Judith Knight, Detox Coach and Energy Healer

I met Octavia at a gathering of visionary practitioners and quickly recognized her authentic spirituality.  In response to my brief description of a client conundrum I was having, she channeled an important message for me.  What she shared has become a key element in my work as an energy intuitive.  A doorway opened to deeper healing for my clients as I connected the information to my energy work.  I am grateful for Octavia’s awareness and spiritual wisdom that she shares through her loving heart.

Bart Sharp, Access Consciousness Energy Healer, Austin, TX

Six weeks ago my father died and soon after the funeral I contracted the flu. Part of the symptoms was  a lighter pneumonia with extreme coughing and congestion in the lungs. After 6 weeks the cough persisted but something concerned me even more there seemed to be something still in my lungs. I am extra sensitive much like Octavia and I knew this had something to do with my father. I could simply feel it. Even though my expertise is in sensing emotional traumas in the body I could not get my grip on this one so I asked Octavia for assistance.

With Octavia’s  intention upon my lungs and liver area I could feel something resonate inside me. Octavia began to sense an entity of some form that carried on for my father, most likely transferred when I witnessed my father’s passing or somewhere in my childhood with my dad.

As Octavia called in her spirit guides and directed the intention into my chest area I could feel things shift and move. Eventually I perceived these denser feeling energies leaving my body as the spirits transitioned out of me. Octavia told me that an old childhood memory at a year and a half age of the 1st incident that my father physically hit me was held inside my lungs. Somewhere this energy became stimulated for my father’s transition and manifested with the illness.

After this short session I felt an enormous amount of space inside my lungs where there was once a heaviness from the flu and congestion. I suppose the body was trying to release the emotions through the coughing and congestion. With Octavia’s work it seemed to free up slow moving sickness that had been with me for 6 weeks. The next day my cough was much better and a week later feels 98% complete.

G.E. Energy Healer, Austin, TX

I am an experienced energy healer so I am very particular about who I choose to work on me.  I’ve had several healing sessions from Octavia and was truly pleased with the depth and breadth of her nurturing care.  I felt that her assessments of what were amiss in my energy field were highly accurate.  Her healing treatments come from divine guidance and were exactly right for me and my sensitive system.   Her manner is very respectful and warm and makes one feel totally cared for, understood and  contained during the healing session. After both sessions, I felt more grounded, cohesive, stable and balanced. I highly recommend Octavia.

P. B. A., Austin, TX

Octavia has been a great source of comfort and support for me as I was struggling with on ongoing emotional attachment. Her gentle and acute perception has been instrumental in my personal and emotional development. I have been able to easily implement her feedback in my lifestyle and I’m so grateful for it. I highly recommend her services!

Client Testimonials

M.K, Austin, TX

The healing I received from Octavia was profoundly helpful. I felt completely comfortable to express the painful feelings of disempowerment and doubt that had been plaguing me and holding me back from moving forward with my life and embodying my highest potential. Octavia led me to moments in my early childhood and past lives and helped to relieve and release energies that had been trapped there. I was so accustomed to those negative feelings I could hardly distinguish them from my true self. Once the healing was received and the session was over, I felt a sense of peace and freedom that I’ve only experienced before in glimpses. I felt an unmistakeable sense of who I truly am that has stayed with me since the session, increasing my discernment by helping me recognize what is really me and what isn’t. I feel extremely grateful to Octavia for clearing the energies that don’t belong to me and helping to liberate my spirit so that I can embody my powerful, fully expressed true self. I hope that many people can experience Octavia’s amazing gift and find relief from their suffering. Thank you so much Octavia!

M.P., Austin, TX

I recommend Octavia if you feel you have lingering issues you are unsure how to face, as she is truly helpful at recognizing the root causes of issues, assisting in the assimilation and integration process, and ultimately overcoming these attachments to reclaim one’s true power and connection to the Universe.

I reached out to Octavia due to working with her previously, and how highly she comes recommended from spiritually-understanding mentors and friends. While I myself am highly intuitive, I find it easy to find the _location_ of my problems, but not always the abilities to actually root them out and get rid of them.

I reached out, primarily, to deal with some post-traumatic stress issues from plant medicine use, which I knew went deeper than the medicine work – I knew these were places in my chakras that I was unwilling to face. I also perceived I was dealing with sexual abuse/trauma, entity attachment/interference, and karmic cycles of abuse.

I did not mention most of this to Octavia – I merely mentioned to her that I wanted to be reconnected to my own sense of power and agency again, and I mentioned my medicine work issues but did not mention any details surrounding the plant medicine work. So, I know what unfolded with her was true, especially as I already could perceive so much of the issues on my own (again, without knowing how to tackle them).

Octavia uncovered not just 1, but 2 lifetimes, where I suffered extensive sexual trauma, and was in chains. I was able to cope with and grieve these lifetimes, and also understand how in this lifetime – the one I am living now – has struggled with these chains from lives past. I knew what she spoke was true, as she located these issues in my root/sacral chakras – the spaces I knew I had these knots.

She also helped uncover how I still know some of these individuals who were responsible for these actions – in big ways. So, with her help, I cleared entity attachment, re-established my connection to Spirit, freed up stuck/blocked energies, and indeed truly understood how I have locked myself into karmic loops of abuse – I feel that in this lifetime, I have been gifted the resources to break these cycles, and being able to work with Octavia is one of those gifts.

“I am a child of the Universe.” was an affirmation that flowed through one of our sessions. In light of all my healing work – this is a key message for me and extremely helpful in showing me that I belong, matter, and am loved.

Now that I am able to see these karmic loops of abuse, I am able to break them, and move into a life more fully aligned with what I truly want and need. Since our sessions, I have had knee surgery (I am a former yoga instructor and movement has always been very important to me) – so her work has literally freed me up to physically move again. I have switched courses in life and will be seeking employment more aligned with what I feel my purpose, passion, and love is. I am making more time for me, and leaking energy less as I recognize my own importance. I have also more deeply established a connection with my guides, and overcame my fear of connection with these energies.

Thank you, Octavia! Your work is an amazing gift to those of us with the chance of experiencing your powerful breakthroughs.

C.V., Austin, TX

I came to Octavia because I had hit a rut in my life. I had low energy, low motivation, and trepidation about success and moving forward in my life. Even though my healing session was over the phone I quickly began to see why Octavia calls her community and service a Temple Without Boundaries. I could feel her positive energy, we were truly connected and all of the stress of life I had been experiencing quickly began to melt away.

During our session we regressed deep back into my past as a child and I was able to see how experiences from 20 over years ago were still holding me back today. Octavia addressed both my temporary life stresses as well as my ongoing back pain and digestive problems. Now I am feeling healthier and waking up with more energy to tackle each new day!

Best of all, when our session was over Octavia left me with steps I could implement to stay on that path of positivity so I wouldn’t default back to my old habits. I will recommend her to literally anyone with any ailment, mental or physical!

K.C., Houston, TX

I am so so happy you emailed me. I have been thinking of you and our session and feeling it. My relationships have gotten much better and I am able to be calmer and more still in ways I didn’t know were possible. It’s truly tremendous. I feel deeply touched and moved to better hold my own space and get to know myself within and trust my inside. It’s a space I had abandoned and it’s nice to tiptoe within again. I have been tremendously more intimate in my current relationship and been breathing better and having more confidence. I also enjoyed what you said about many paths in light and dark, helps me to realize why I meet people with dark magic and how to stay in my space. When you called me a divine Goddess child I wept. Thank you.

S.D., Austin, TX

Dear Octavia, You will be happy to know that actually it looks that I had a kind of turnaround and I have been feeling way better after the last session.   I really focused on taking care of me and taking time for myself. I noticed that little things had a big impact on my life.  I had gone through literally one day up and one day down and it has been easier; I am so grateful!  Thank you.  I feel good at the core.

B. B., Vancouver, BC

Dear Octavia, Since our session I have enjoyed a wonderful flow of energy and ease with my work and creative projects, which is just what I was hoping for.  It’s like a layer of resistance has been lifted from my cells.  Thank you very much.  I’m already recommending you to others.

BKB, Oregon

Our session this afternoon was very wonderful and my shoulder no longer hurts after over 6 months of pain.  I feel touched at so many levels, with a touch so full of love and caring and rejuvenation.  I feel it is my work to continue receptivity as this healing process unfolds.  I have every reason to expect to enjoy the benefits from this point on into the future.  I am very grateful for your hard work and for your incredible expertise.

Lauren S, Austin, TX

I felt called to see Octavia for a healing session because I was going through a rough period of my life, a lot of transitioning, I was coming out of a period of depression and emotional turmoil.

I was feeling stuck, energetically I was tired a lot, feeling like I had a lot of weight to carry and not sure how to navigate my world. Her session was one of the most profound healings I have received and I’ve had many energy sessions over the years. During the session I could feel what was shifting energetically, and felt immediate release and shift of some long held patterns. In particular, my heart was feeling very stuck, and I had been getting sick and feeling a lot of stagnant energy in that area that just wasn’t going away.

During our session Octavia worked a lot on helping my heart to open and she told me that after this I would have access to my heart’s desire in a new way, and I wouldn’t feel so blocked in really being who I am. As she worked I could literally feel my heart opening, I could feel the heaviness leaving, I could feel a big release.

After our session I felt much lighter and could feel a shift in my energy.

In the weeks following, many of the decisions that I was stuck around became easier to move forward with, I made critical decisions that allowed me to release and let go of the old parts of me that were not serving who I am moving into. I feel so much lighter, more confident, and more peaceful. My intentions going into the session were to release what was holding me back and to gain clarity on my next moves in life.

Her session fueled a more deep commitment to following my heart and the path that my soul is calling me to as well as my confidence in that. I feel more connected to my soul path than ever and I am much more able to move through my own process of letting go, dying and birthing.

G.H., Raleigh, NC

My husband and soulmate of 29 years died in 2006 under what any counselor would call complicated circumstances and I went through what is now professionally termed a protracted “complicated grieving” process.  My treatment protocols included extensive talk therapy with both a counselor and psychiatrist and an antidepressant.  The source of most of my pain was not only that he was no longer available to me to love, but that he was very angry and bitter towards me when he died.  We were, I think, on the brink of bridging that emotional schism between us when he died.  But as evidenced by my dreamwork, I was stuck; Dan always manifested himself as angry and distrusting of me in my dreams.  My need for his approval of my core being was such that I began to doubt my self-worth in many of my other ongoing relationships. I thought, “ If my husband who had been a witness to my life for 29 years didn’t view me as emotionally safe and trustworthy, then who would and was I?”

Reverend Octavia did a Skype healing session with me about two months ago.  I felt she immediately grasped my hopes and, in talking with Dan on the other side, she assured him of my best of intentions for him, past, present and future.  She channeled a mantra for me: “ I step into the circle and sovereignty of my truth with love and confidence.”  Gradually, in my dreams, Dan began to tentatively trust me again and, most recently, he defended me in a dream about a matter of personal principle.  The effect of re-establishing this homeostasis in this sacred relationship with Dan has benefitted my self- confidence and my ability to be more completely who I am in my other significant relationships.

Doug F, Austin, TX

I had the blessed opportunity to see Octavia for a healing session. I imagined only that it would be safe and healing. What I received, though, was a major epiphany. She helped to bring to my conscious awareness that which laid as a “frozen need” within my heart of hearts. Her techniques were helpful but most of all the wisdom to know what to do, when to do it and how “to be” was most essential. Octavia apparently has enough deep layers of lifes wisdom to delve into the hidden subconscious and do what healing needs to be done. I was ready and she felt this and I have deepened my sense of clarity and am off to the commensurate higher level of joy in my heart now. THANK YOU Octavia!

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