Blue Moon

The power of tomorrow’s Blue full moon in Pisces is washing over me!  I am connecting to my deep watery feminine, which is internalized yet powerful.  At times I am ungrounded and scattered, then I have phases of great focus.  My strategies are to rest, ground and meditate, receive feminine inspiration and wisdom from the moon, and rejuvenate my watery nature with love and forgiveness.

My Blue Moon wish is to be rewarded by abundance on every level from living my passion, which is working in the Temple.

Blue Moon Specialness

I always thought a BlueMoon was two full moons in one calendar month, but astrologers say its four full moons in one season (ie, between a Solstice and an Equinox).  They only occur every 2-1/2 to 3 years, so certain things can only happen “once in a Blue Moon.”  Take advantage of the special energies of this moon, available 2 days before through 1 day after (like every full moon).

The moon has a watery influence, and tomorrow’s full moon is in Pisces, a water sign.  So the influences of water are 2-3 times stronger than normal, further amplified if you have a lot of water in your astrology chart.  The following aspects of our humanity are likely to be influenced by this full moon: emotions, sexuality, love, our feminine side, the ebbs, flows, and cycles in our lives, and our unconscious, which holds keys to our power.

Blue Moon Spiritual Practices by Pathway

In the near future, spiritual practices will be offered in the Temple, categorized by these Pathways.

Movement: In the old days, people danced in the full moon light because of its healing properties.  Give yourself permission to let the moonlight move you.  Allow her to bless your feminine side and the waters of your body.  She can also cleanse your unconscious of outdated patterns and beliefs, washing your power and floating it to the surface.

Sound: The full moon listens closely when you ask for your dreams and goals to come to fruition.  For the Blue Moon, take this idea further and ask for something deeper, to fulfill one of your most intimate aspirations. In gratitude, make an offering of your voice; bring the moon into your throat chakra and vocal cords and sing her song.

Experiential: Set out pure spring water in a bowl (preferably crystal or glass) in the moonlight; the special qualities of this magical moon will fuse into physical form.  Later this water can be used for healing, to be added to bath water or taken when you are sick. Charge your crystals with the energy of this moon.

Visual: Meditate in the moonlight and notice the healing quality of the light as it touches your skin.  How do you see differently? Look at a challenge in your life using moonlight instead of daylight to gain new perspective and ideas for resolution.

Stillness: Draw down this special moon into every aspect of your being, filling yourself with her healing vibration.  Bring the Blue Moon into your heart and feel the shifts, how does it make your love even more special?  Now bring the moon into your 2nd chakra (your womb or pelvis) to bless your sexuality and emotions, and heal your feminine side.

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