Opportunities for Acceleration

This article is dedicated to Tips and Tricks for Speedier Times and how to maximize your opportunities for acceleration.  We are living in a time of great opportunity, where many tools and guides are here to help us move through karma and limitations faster than ever. Expect the normal work to get your rewards — but the rewards are bigger than ever!  You may lose a day or two churning through your process, but most likely you’ll gain a breakthrough of a lifetime.  We are creating our new foundation — personally, globally, physically and vibrationally — for a new era after 12/21/12; let’s surrender and work hard to be as free and clear as possible.

I am celebrating major achievements in my personal growth. When the veils were thinnest between the worlds of the living and the dead near Halloween, Dad (who crossed over in 2005) and I had a major heart healing and I feel more supported by the Divine Father than ever in this lifetime. I also re-dedicated myself in service of the Divine Mother and received Her blessing.  She brought me complete wholeness unto myself, which triggered a release of my manifestation abilities. I am so grateful and humbled to be loved so much!

11:11 and 11/11 Global Holiday of Oneness

11:11 is a meaningful time to tune in to divine consciousness and its effects on our body temple.  Many spiritual leaders think of 11:11 as a portal, a two-way gate where we can more easily reach the Divine and the Divine can more easily reach us.  11:11 also looks similar to our DNA strands.  Whenever I see 11:11 on a clock, I pray for a full minute, asking the Divine to attune my DNA to the highest vibration, awakening my strands to hold more light.  If friends are around, I tell everybody, “make a wish, make a wish!”

Every year, Nov 11th is a whole day for opening yourself to divine energies, and you can do it with a global community! Many groups are meditating together on 11/11 to create a new global holiday called One Day. I hope you’ll join in, especially at 11:11am and pm — try to feel people linking together around the world.  Also, the more people who meditate together, the exponentially more powerful the intention of the prayer.  Pray for world peace, pray for a new world that is harmonious and respecting of all life. Pray that you may rise to the occasion of being a member of this new world living in love and integrity.

11/13 New Moon in Scorpio w Solar Eclipse

This Tuesday three astrological layers make it a day to go deep into your personal shadow work, especially related to the feminine and the unconscious.  Every new moon is related to “shadow work,” which means courageously facing parts of ourselves that we wish we didn’t have.  Once you face your shadows and heal what needs to be healed, they turn into strengths and you re-capture your subjugated energies.   Add these reclaimed energies to your manifestation prayers over the next two weeks as the moon waxes towards fullness and teh fruition of your prayers.

Tuesday the new moon is in Scorpio, a water sign of great depth, which might bring more than usual out of the shadows.  There is also a solar eclipse (visible in New Zealand and Western Australia), which means masculine energy is obscured in the outer world, but is shining into our inner world, bringing light to the depths of the ocean of our unconscious.  The masculine shines where it normally doesn’t and the feminine stirs, creating a greater potential for upheaval, then transformation.  On this day in your meditation,  intentionally surrender to the Divine Feminine; allow her Love to heal your weaknesses, transforming them into strong allies.

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