Calling all Agents of Calm for our Speeded Up Times

20130601_153431Why are Agents of Change needed now?

I’d like to share some wise words from my friend Eden Sky, publisher of the Mayan 13 Moons Natural calendar.   We need more “agents of calm,” those of us who can stay calm even with a high degree of change, chaos, transformation, stimulation, etc etc.  There are so many who are unable to cope as well as those of us who have been on our spiritual path and our path of self-awareness and growth.  Agents of calm can help people with fewer skills to cope — to keep their center, find new tools, prioritize what to work on, and be able to succeed with what life is dealing.

Our Heart is the New Messenger

She encourages all of us, and I couldn’t have said it better myself, to connect with the Heart of the Earth, and the Heart of the Universe, and to know and operate from our own hearts, as informed by these divine forces.  Love is the only true antidote to fear, and in my experience, the only true power to overcome anything.  No matter what problem I have in my life, if I place it in my heart, if I expand my heart to include that problem, and “put love on it,” it shifts into something much easier to handle.  It clarifies and moves towards a natural resolution.

Natural Time

At the end of the video Eden gets into a brief discussion of the benefits of “natural time.”  This is an esoteric topic for most of us used to the Gregorian calendar and our 60-minute hour.  Her point is that these time-measuring devices are not aligned with what is now proven to be the sacred geometry that constructs all other aspects of our reality.  So she recommends disconnecting from society’s time measurements and learning to follow our own internal inspirations and motivations to lead our lives.  Now that I’m an entrepreneur, I’m able to try this out on some days, but to really find out how it feels I’d need a community around me participating in the same model.  I hope to have that some day!

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