Hell No! Why to Choose YES when you Don’t Wanna

Why not YesNo. Just No. It’s not right, I’m not going to do it, you can’t make me! The hairs go up on the back of your neck and every fiber of your being says Stop, Basta, stomp the brakes! So you tell the person in front of you No, Hell No. But who are you really being in that moment? What are you losing in that choice?

Our conscious Universe wants to expand and know itself through our explorations. As divine participants in the Universe, our souls are driven to expand through whacky crazy (even crummy) life adventures. When you say No, are you saying Yes to your divine nature, is a No any kind of expansive or exploratory? When we are in a No moment how many choices do we really have?   Who knows, it might crack open your brain muscle to stay creative in your options!

How much does the Earth tremble and quake when you question your No? I’ve been busting my butt on all the No’s coming up in my new relationship the last few months, and here is what I found out:

  • A whole bunch of Hell No’s came from making the current situation the same as a painful past situation. Expanded choice: Re-train my filters to see all the ways this is different, and perceiving things as a gift to finally completely heal from past pains.
  • Another Hell No was feeling overwhelmed by the learning curves of my new relationship. Expanded choice: Request some downtime to integrate, then go back for more learning.
  • Another Hell No was my nervous system being pushed too far. (Anyone else out there highly sensitive?) Expanded choice: Take some downtime to de-stimulate, then go back for more stimulation.
  • Another Hell No was an intense anger protecting an extremely tender part of me who was molested when I was an infant. Expanded choice: Get help healing that precious little baby. Reclaim the energy that was trapped in self-protection and anger and use it to take “risks” that propel my life forward.
  • And how about the thousand times I’ve said Hell No to my Greatness – with procrastination, distraction, stupidity, overwhelm, lack of support, catering to my fears, etc. Expanded choice: Do some detective work to discover the underlying reasons for saying No to my Greatness then address each one with what it needs. I’ve built a toolkit that supports my flow state, which includes quick identification of flow interrupters, healing or dialoging with those parts of me, re-habituating and choosing differently. I got a lot of help creating the toolkit from coaches, healers and friends.

Yeah, I’ve been working my brain-muscle, cracking open my psychology to align with my soul’s motivations. Now I love my Nos for the GOLD of inner strength and power I’ve reclaimed from underneath them all. Using the courage I developed from embracing my Nos, I can make bold outlandish choices that would seem ridiculously risky and scary to a lot of people, and the Universe rewards me for adventuring. And that my friends is a huge secret to my success!


Octavia Brooks is a Shamanic Reverend, spirit medium, muse and Quantum Leap artist. She uncovers your deepest most thwarting shadows and secrets, and artfully and skillfully converts them to your most powerful allies.  Reclaim your blocked talents, motivations and inspirations and get ahead now! Curious? Schedule a complementary Welcome Session or call 512-394-8809.

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