Winter Solstice 2012 begins a New Era – Schedule of World meditations and ceremonies

Winter Solstice 2012 has been a long-awaited day, with predictions that it will mean the end of the world, or full-on human ascension.  From a Mayan calendar perspective, we are ending a major era that lasted over 5000 years, and on Winter Solstice 2012 begins a New Era.  Whatever it will mean for our society, it is an auspicious time to start fresh.  How blessed we are to be alive and going through this gate together!


The “birth” of a new 5,125-year cycle takes more than a day, a month or even a year.  The next few years and decades will determine how well we’ve laid the foundation for our New Era to manifest.  But what we can do is kick off the New Era with as high a tone as we can, so that it gets as fresh and perfect a start as possible.  We can plant the best seeds we know how, and choose love, union, peace and harmony as the water that fertilizes them.


Since this time of year is already perfect for envisioning what we want for the new year, we can take extra steps to prepare for, and to envision how we want to begin our New Era.


Prepare for Winter Solstice 2012 – Release and Envision

Go into the New Era as clean as you can – open your heart and forgive your own human weaknesses and the transgresses of others – this cleans up your karma.  Cleanse your mind of negative beliefs and thoughts.  Burn your fears and painful memories, not just from last year, but your entire life – do a fire ritual and literally burn and release your fears to make room for love.  Take a ritual salt bath and release all these experiences again into the neutralizing saltwater.   When you are a clean blank canvas, prepare a list of dreams for your own personal New Era, and your prayers for the world’s New Era.


Manifest on the Solstice – What is your New Era?

While you joyfully commune with the world on this auspicious day, how can you bring in your New Era?   Distill your New Era prayers into one image, feeling, or sound vibration.  Hold this core essence in your heart during your meditations or ceremonies.  You can keep your center by using a chant such as Hail Mary/Our Father or a mantra such as Om Ah Hum Vjara Guru Padma Siddhi Hum from Tibetan Buddhism, or simply the sacred word Om.   You can also say affirmations about who you want to be in the New Era:  I Am Love… I Am Light… I Am Peace… I Am Harmony… I Am Compassion… I Am Forgiveness… I Am Kindness… I Am Mercy… I Am Healing… I Am Joy… I Am Bliss… I Am Perfection…I think with my heart…I speak my truth…I am One with all of consciousness…I desire the highest good for all…


Participate in Winter Solstice 2012 events – Schedule of World meditations and ceremonies

Tuning in on the “psychic airwaves” with a globally organized event is a powerful way to participate, feel unified with humanity, and to amplify the power of your prayers for the New Era.  Below is a partial calendar of events for the Solstice, join events that call you.  To make a day of it, Birth 2012 is a major portal for witnessing world-wide ceremony from your living room:

  • 3:12am PST – Moment of Solstice – Light a 72-hour jar candle and synchronize it with the energy of these global meditations:


Winter Solstice 2012 begins a New Era – for even more resources and a more detailed Schedule of World meditations and ceremonies:


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