Working with Faries

Thinnest veils with the Fairy Realms

Summer Solstice is also when the veils are thinnest between the fairy and human worlds.  Fairies can be large or small and they take care of plants, waters, rocks and other aspects of Nature. I have been blessed to meet fairies many times over the years and they have been very helpful to me, particularly with finding things.  I encourage you to start working with Faries and develop a friendship with these nature spirits to foster good will and learn about their important job. Read on for a few ideas about how.

Friendship tips for Faries

When interacting with fairies, keep your thoughts quiet, light and positive.  Our world of choices and intensity is overwhelming for these gentle souls.  They also can get mischievous if they perceive any fear, so it’s best to show them your loving heart and genuine interest. They really appreciate bells, flowers, fruit, and cute little songs, such as White Coral Bells.

Build a Fairy House

Build a fairy house out of bark, moss and other natural materials.  Decorate with colorful flowers.  Put it in a slightly private location and when it’s built, ring some little bells and let them know you’re giving them this gift.

Fairy Healing Circle

Get some energy healer friends together to offer a fairy healing circle.  Go into the woods and sit in a circle, but leave an entrance and exit.  Ask your guides to help send out a call so that any injured fairies can pass through the circle and get healing.  As the patients arrive, everyone “turns on” their healing energies and reports any psychic information about the healing process.  You may be surprised who shows up, not all fairies are little-bitty!

Finding things

Ask the local fairies to help if you lose something. Try this before you go to bed: make an offering of milk or fruit, and ask for inspiration about where to look.  They will give you ideas in your dreams!

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