Reverend Octavia Brooks

Reverend Octavia Brooks, Temple KeeperWho is Reverend Octavia Brooks?

My passion is to inspire, motivate and support healers, practitioners, counselors and all givers so they can stay healthy and happy in their service, supporting as many clients as possible.   I am a non-denominational Reverend with over 20 years’ experience in earth-based, new age, tribal and indigenous traditions.  (Watch an interview here.) While relying upon spirituality to overcome early childhood and health challenges, I learned powerful spirit mediumship and Shamanic healing techniques.  I offer group healing, multi-cultural ceremony and individual coaching/healing.  My Shamanic healing sessions focus on energy amplification and can include reclaiming lost energies from childhood or past lives, removing curses and interfering spirits, lifting soul/lineage patterns and activating hidden inner strengths.

Why the Temple is Important to Me

It’s time for me to reach a broader audience with everything I’ve learned from the Universe.  Many spiritual leaders are sharing deep secrets to help people cope with the rate of change that’s happening.  The Temple without Boundaries is a safe place for people to learn and quickly expand into their spiritual freedom.  I envision our online community growing as we all teach and support each other.


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