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Rev Octavia BrooksRelieve Symptoms, Change Patterns

Are you a healer feeling depleted or overwhelmed and unable to serve at your highest level? Are you feeling sluggish, depressed, not really yourself?  Been to therapy and still have symptoms?  Are you more sensitive than normal – to relationships, environment, or work?  Are you experiencing physical or emotional pain?

Improve these symptoms from a Shamanic Energy Healing session with Reverend Octavia.

Gain Strength, Resiliency and Inspiration to face Life’s Challenges

Shamanic Energy Healing sessions improve symptoms of early childhood wounds and past life patterns and give you strength and resources for addressing life’s challenges.  Improve creativity and communication skills, gain inspiration and make changes more gracefully, stay centered while life whirls around you.

“It’s quite an Experience!” says a client

Every Shamanic Energy session is unique and customized to fulfill your intentions.  The Shamanic work gets to the root cause, as deep as needed, and clients find them fascinating.  Clients feel blissful, rested and energized after a session.  Within the first week after a session, they report significant improvement in their symptoms.  Here is a brief story shared with the client’s permission:

Eric B. in Vancouver, BC had trouble starting and finishing creative projects.  In the session, we journeyed into his heart and found part of him weeping in a large empty cavern.  A goddess began to heal the heart of this weeping self.  Through her, we journeyed deeper into his inner heart to a seashore, where another part of him was enjoying the sun, completely unaware of the weeping part.  I coaxed this self to pay attention and travel back to the cavern; we learned it was his creative muse.  The muse was furious at having been disrespected by the weeping self.  The muse left after hearing some drunken rantings about having more creativity than he knew what to do with.  Peace was gradually forged between these two pieces, and the Muse stepped back into the no-longer-weeping self.  We journeyed back and integrated these heart healings.  After the session, Eric B. experienced a profound improvement in his creative motivation, including finishing a book edit that he’d been procrastinating about for 2 years.

Here is a sampling of the experiences you might have…

  • Your guides and Higher Self show Rev Octavia where to work.
  • Learn what happened in a past life and reclaim your energy – use this energy to fuel your present life
  • Close up holes or leaks in your chakras
  • Remove spirits that are making symptoms worse Rev Octavia closes the door behind them so they can’t come back.
  • Upgrade your connection to the grids of Karma and God consciousness – this brings new experiences aligned with your new healed self
  • Receive divine intelligent energies – they teach you inner strength, clarity, rejuvenation, change.
  • Wounded inner child-selves receive true Love – these parts of you then grow up happy and healthy, improving many aspects of life.
  • Release physical pain – remove the spiritual source and heal the root cause
  • Get channeled affirmations or other simple actions to help you integrate and sustain positive change.
  • Get your energy back from another person (living or dead) to free you of limitations from that relationship.

Reverend Octavia’s Philosophy and Approach

Rev. Octavia uses Divine Love to stabilize and heal wounded places.

She developed her Shamanic and coaching toolkit from over 20 years on her own healing and spiritual journey.  She is familiar with issues of sensitivity, food and digestion, childhood neglect, self-worth. Her spiritual background includes earth-based and indigenous spiritualties, Christianity and New Age studies.

Sessions can be conducted in person in Austin, TX or by phone/Skype.

How does a Shamanic Healing session work?

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Tips for best results from a Shamanic healing session

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