Pathways Quiz – Find Your Spiritual Pathway

Find Your Spiritual Pathway in the Temple Without Boundaries

This quiz will help you find your Spiritual Pathway in the Temple Without Boundaries.  Your Pathway is your natural approach to life – your guide to choosing spiritual experiences that you will enjoy.

In the Temple Without Boundaries, we believe you don’t have to join a religion, a church, a lineage, or a tradition to have spiritual experiences and get practical benefits from spirituality.  You can create and find your own spiritual Pathway and connection with the Divine, based on who you are and what you like!  Make spirituality fun, so you can see results faster – more inspiration, more healing, more peace of mind.

To find your Pathway, click the link below and rank your answers to 5 Quiz questions.  At the end, you’ll get a score for each Temple Pathway so you’ll know where to start.


Take the Quiz

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  1. Chrissy LaVielle April 9, 2013 at 12:21 PM #

    I think the quiz described me fairly well.
    I was surprised that I had so little attraction to sound. I love to sing.

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