Try Other Spiritual Practices

pathwaybackground_4WEBAfter you’ve started using some or all of the tools from your starter kit, try other spiritual practices, tools and techniques.  You will likely enjoy spiritual practices that match your natural approach to life, so choose something from your Pathway or another Pathway with high points on your Quiz.   Check back regularly on your Pathway page to try other spiritual practices from the Temple and also look for Temple recommendations on Amazon.

As you continue to explore spirituality, you’ll keep finding new tools and techniques that add value to your life.  Over time, you will integrate some of the tools into your way of operating in the world, because they help you make better decisions and act more gracefully in your relationships.

At certain junctures of your life, you may be drawn to key spiritual practices that provide specific insight or assistance during that time; they may fade away when their time is up.

Other tools and techniques will accumulate as you grow and discover more and more about yourself.  You can expect your spiritual path to continuously evolve throughout your life, but it is always there to support you.

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