Benefits of Energy Healing

glowing-bodyThe benefits of energy healing are many

The benefits you can enjoy depend on what you ask for. You start the session by saying what you want to change in your life.  The healer listens to your spirit guides and guardian angels and uses energy healing techniques to make those changes.  There is no physical touching, so the session can occur in person or long distance.

Here are some examples of energy changes and corresponding changes in your life:

Sometimes your energy is too dense/heavy and it needs to be lightened up

Your heart may be somewhat closed and you may find it hard to share yourself with others. You may feel safe with only one or two individuals, when it would be healthier for you to share more with others and touch a wider circle. An energy healing swirls the obstacles out of your heart and replaces them with courage and light-heartedness. So you can feel a lift happen.  This change makes it easier to choose to open yourself when you didn’t feel comfortable with that before.

Sometimes your energy is too diffuse, scattered, and needs to be brought together and stabilized

You spread yourself too thin, making promises to many people, but you find it difficult to have very close meaningful relationships. An energy healing harnesses the energy until centering and grounding is experienced.

Sometimes your energy is stuck

Energy healers remove energy blocks, like rocks from a stream, allowing a more powerful flow of life.  More flow means more inspiration, ideas, creative solutions, motivation and physical health.  If removing the block isn’t enough, you may receive energy to recharge your system.  During the session, you may learn about past decisions that caused you to go down a particular pathway and that understanding opens the possibility of taking an alternative direction.  Once your energy is changed, you’ll find taking new directions seems much easier than before.

Transform how you feel

Have you complaints about how you feel? Too tired, cranky, irritable, or nervous? Ever feel like you aren’t yourself, or wish you didn’t experience so many events as threats or setbacks? When our energy is blocked or disturbed, we feel ill at ease. An energy healing session can bring swift relief from those unwanted feelings. By replace negative energies with positive ones, you can gain clarity and insight about your life.  After a healing energy session, you are likely to feel blissful and peaceful. And you will emerge with a plan to sustain the improved awareness.

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    Great information! Thanks for sharing with such detail and specifics.

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