My First Video, and How I Went Deep and Found a Goldmine!

I have been giving myself the GIFT of working very hard in the Temple lately!  This gift is an accomplishment, because for a long while I floated from distraction to distraction until I had to look hard at why I’m not living my purpose.  In my depths, I didn’t feel worthy of doing what I most love — I should either be doing for someone else, or digging at more personal flaws.  I am so grateful to Bart Sharp, a talented practitioner of Access Consciousness for breaking these harmful patterns.  With his sessions and tools I released past life contracts and vendettas of repeating abuse patterns, reclaimed lost soul parts and rediscovered my hidden Feminine Self.  She is now gaining strength and has SO MUCH to share with YOU!

My First Video!

Please celebrate with me – this is the result of conquering many learning curves!!  Here is your sneak preview of the intro video for my Home Page (part of a big launch still in progress).  Video is going to be a powerful medium for the Temple, many of my spiritual practices for sale will be recorded in this engaging format.

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