How to Cleanse and Bless your Homespace

IMGP0938You’ve been to yoga class and everyone talks about energy. Good energy, bad energy, clean energy, etc. People prefer clean, clear energy, even if they are unconscious of the differences. Why is that? An energetically clean and clear space feels light and refreshing, even if you’re not sure why, or it wouldn’t necessarily be something you’d comment on. Clean, clear energy in your homespace supports staying in an uplifted mood, spiritually connected and focused, moving easily between states of work/play/rest, and easily keeping up with chores. You, your family and guests will feel relaxed and grounded, while also uplifted.

Sounds great, right? And luckily it’s pretty easy to get your space to feel good that way with this house cleansing and blessing ritual.

Chances are, you’ve been to an event somewhere where they burned sage, maybe you’ve even burned it yourself. This is the cleansing part, and you can stop right there if you don’t have time for the second part, which is the blessing. The blessing is how you can amp up the vibes of your space beyond just clean and clear. Good news about the blessing — it doesn’t need to be renewed as often as the cleansing.

What you’ll need: One or more of the sacred herbs below, a lighter, and a strand of bells or chimes. Great to have this toolkit on hand so you can quickly do these rituals whenever you feel called. Cleansing may take 20-30 minutes depending on the size of your home, Blessing 15-20 minutes.

Different types of sacred smudging herbs:

  • Sage, usually white sage, is traditional for chasing out lower energies. Usually comes in the form of a bundle. Light only a bit of it until you get used to how much smoke is generated. Extinguish it thoroughly in sand or on the Earth.
  • Lavender is used for protection and sweetness. I like to burn loose lavender together with loose sage in a shell or on a ceramic plate.
  • Cedar is mainly used for protection.
  • Sweetgrass is great for the blessing, calling in the sweetness of the Divine Feminine essence of Mother Earth. Have your lighter handy as it doesn’t stay lit for long.
  • Copal (burn this resin on a charcoal) is normally used to cleanse people’s energy – chakras and aura, but can also clear space and smells heavenly!
  • Palo Santo (holy wood) is a sweet and thick smoke that is also mainly used to prepare for meditation as it is quite grounding. Light the stick with a candle, and a little of this smoke goes a long way.

Space Cleansing

Clean your space every week or so, or after a lot of activity in the home. If you are sensitive to smoke, bells/chimes are a great substitute, and you need them for the blessing part anyway.

Here is the flow for a space cleansing:

  • Prepare: Become present with what you’re doing here, chasing out lower energies. Use meditation techniques for grounding and centering, or you can take some deep breaths and imagine you are connected to the Earth. Feel strong and know your power.
  • Start in the East and walk your home counter-clockwise. Imagine the smoke or chime cleaning the joints of the ceiling/wall and wall/floor, and a little just beyond (a feather or hand wave moves the smoke where needed). In your mind or out loud, say “Be gone!” as you imagine lower energies are whisked out. To be thorough, send the smoke or chime into every nook and cranny, drawer and closet.
  • You can stop here if you’re not planning to do the blessing ritual today. If you’re going ahead with the blessing, when you return to the East, use the smudge on the bells to prepare them for the blessing. If you have any other magical or practical tools, crystals etc, might as well give them a smudgy tune-up too while you’ve got it out.


Space Blessing

Do this vibe-amping ritual before events, starting major projects, or before important guests arrive. Or to give yourself a boost if you feel run-down.

  • Prepare: Meditate in/near the center of your space with the bells in your hand and open your heart. Let your heart send out a call to the Divine (any/every aspect you feel connected to), asking to make the sound vibration of the bells a vehicle to bring Divine blessings into your home. Watch a 6-minute video to describe how this is done.



  • Starting again in the East, slowly and mindfully walk your home clockwise ringing the bells, imagining that the sound is connecting with every part of your home’s structure. Keep your heart open and connected with the Divine, knowing that your prayer was heard and each chime infuses every corner of your space with divine blessings of joy and protection.
  • Maintain: A great way to maintain the clean energy you just created is to locate crystals in key places. Fluorite and smoky quartz keep energy clean, and amethyst and rose quartz bring in sweetness and peace. If you are unsure where to place the crystals, go for corners, under the head of your bed and in the middle of long walls. They do not have to be visible to be lovely sentinels for you.

Not sure if you notice the difference after your house cleansing and blessing? Go out on an errand and check again next time you enter the house. You’ll also notice you’re getting more done than you have in a long time.  Now you’re ready to bring over guests and get those projects done!!

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