Venus Transit

A Study of Love

Astrological events such as a Venus transit offer unique opportunities and support for our evolution.  During the event, a portal opens for rare energies to reach us, like a radio dialing in a specific frequency.  Nearly 3 years ago during a lunar eclipse, a very high being blessed me with the choice of how my life will end.  During the May 20 solar eclipse, I received waves of deep primordial energy of the ancient Divine Mother.

This celestial event is about Venus – the planet of Love, and Gemini – thinking, communicating and relationships.

Before the transit, become fertile ground for the energies to reach you.  Find the eye of the storm in your thinking; center your thoughts in the positive while surfacing and resolving negative thoughts with detachment, from your center.  Seek harmony between polarities, and think about what kind of world you most want to live in.

During the transit, “tune in” and open up to these special energies and let them in as deeply as you can.  Allow Venus to teach you about your heart and how you can love more.  Learn the language of your heart, and how to understand your heart’s needs, desires, and messages.  Anchor Divine Love in your heart and offer this blessing to every aspect of your life.

After the transit, integrate and decide what needs to change so you can live your heart’s desire and relate more harmoniously.  Decide how you want to be in service to Divine Love!


I’m paraphrasing from Susan Custer: Venus transits happen in a pair, 8 years apart, every 120 years.  Near prior transits, the Western world saw major evolutions, such as Magellan proving the world is not flat, and the invention of the telephone.  Since our transit is happening in Gemini, it will likely influence thinking, communications, relationships, banking and commerce. Click here for astrologer John Wadsworth’s YouTube video about the sacred geometry of this event.

Logistics and Science

The transit will be visible in North America on June 5th from 3:05pm PST until sunset.  Click here for a science site with viewing locations. To view the transit, either use welder’s goggles, sun-viewing glasses (note: Venus will appear very small, might be hard to see), or create a projector. Click here for a video on viewing tips.

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